Production of metal structures

Production of metal structures is a popular service of our «Pulsar-Construction» company , since such elements are used in almost all spheres of production. The production technology is sophisticated and requires a lot of resources. We usually use a closed mechanized cycle, which involves the creation of metal elements from materials of various profiles and sizes. The products manufactured by our plant are used in industry, construction work and agriculture.

Metal Structures

In construction, steel elements are used for the manufacture of frames and skins of buildings, as well as stairwells. Currently, it is impossible to construct a building without various metal structures. Such products have different dimensions, technical characteristics and technological features.
Our “Pulsar-Construction” company manufactures metal structures at a large plant in Ukraine. Modern equipment and professional staff, as well as large production capacity ensure excellent product quality. We not only perform work on the manufacture of structures, but also organize their transportation and installation at the customer’s site. All this ensures a long service life and increases the product warranty.

Production of metal structures

Production of industrial metal structures at the “Pulsar Construction” company has the following advantages:

  • simplicity and reliability;
  • lightness, especially in comparison with reinforced concrete products;
  • simple installation;
  • long service life;
  • partial assembly capability, which allows you to add parts during the construction process.

The fabrication of metal structures is a complex technical process, which involves many employees. The modern manufacturer “Pulsar-Construction” tries to automate mechanical processing as much as possible in order to simplify the manufacturing of products. High-tech equipment allows us to manufacture products of good quality at affordable prices.

Metal Structure Plant

The production of metal structures at our Plant (in Brovary city) consists of several consecutive stages. Large-sized vehicles bring rolled products and other materials for metalworking to the workshops of Metal Structure Plant. The same vehicles will then deliver the finished goods to the customers. The work is carried out using special lifting equipment that moves and loads the assembled products. Dimensional cranes transport metal within the plant and carry out installation at the customer’s site.

Production of building metal structures begins in the workshop, where carts deliver material for work. There, workers first process the metal or immediately begin the process of producing structures. The first thing is layout work. Sheets of metal are marked with oil paint or bright chalk. Then comes the stage of cutting and distribution of the material obtained. To do this, the workpiece is cut with automated scissors or using oxygen plasma tools.

The finished structure is moved to the central stand, where it is assembled and combined with the necessary materials. After that, the edges formed during the welding process are removed, as their presence is not provided.
One of the most modern methods of metalworking is plasma cutting of metal, when the plasma beam cuts through the sheet steel, a perfectly flat surface of the product is obtained, which does not need to be further polished. Our Metal Structure Plant performs such a production process with a CNC machine.

A modern manufacturer “Pulsar-Construction” produces metal structures for various industrial and economic sectors. Turnkey construction of industrial buildings (warehouses and hangars) is a popular order among customers. These structures are prefabricated objects, which makes their cost more affordable. Frame buildings are characterized by short construction terms and excellent quality of materials.


Turning and milling works are needed to give products the desired look. Metal processing involves removing excess from the surface of the detail, which allows you to create the desired shape. A professional turner is able to cut the desired element from any shape of the workpiece.
Most often, metalworking includes the manufacture of parts using a lathe or milling cutter, as well as metal stamping. With our modern equipment, we create various parts made of stainless steel and other materials – metal profile, trusses, steel sheds, metal frames, steel reinforcement and other products.

Our company offers a service for the engineering of metal structures, as well as the manufacture of metal products with delivery in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. We produce high-quality products according to the parameters you proposed, perform the necessary calculations and prepare permit documentation. You can order a wide range of metal products for industry, construction or agriculture on our website. To purchase products, you can call us by indicated numbers or  leave a request on the website. Our staff will gladly provide detailed advice and answer additional questions.


Metal Structure Plant

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