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We provide a full range of services for the manufacture, processing and installation of metal structures of any complexity.

Pulsar Construction

The manufacturing technology of industrial metal structures is a complex and labor-intensive process. You need to order services from the manufacturer, able to perform all the work in one place. Our Metal Structure Plant in Kyiv city has its own production facilities, tools and equipment, so we perform a full- mechanized work cycle.

You can order from our company the manufacturing of metal structures from design to installation of the construction. In addition, we perform mechanical processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal, we produce products from stainless material.


Metal structures are required in any sphere, where you need to build something. Such products have a high margin of safety and a long service life. “Pulsar-Construction” Metal Structure Plant offers:

  • galvanized, not requiring further painting;
  • advertising – billboards with one central or two lateral supports;
  • construction – a supporting building element for the construction of a high-rise building;
  • metal enclosing structures – panel enclosure, sectional fence made of steel bar, fittings, mesh, profile;
  • anchor blocks – an embedded product made of foundation bolts welded with rolled bar metal products;
  • containers – tanks for water, storage of fuels and lubricants, silos, steel bunkers.

Our product range allows us to design and build a construction or structure of any number of floors, complexity and purpose.




The technological process of production is multi-stage and labor-intensive. We control the quality of processing and finished products at each stage.

Manufacturing and installation of metal structures covers the following areas:

  • Manufacturing of light metal structures. A strong structure that can withstand significant loads (hangar, warehouse, trade pavilion).
  • Manufacture of products from a profile pipe. A product made of pipes of various cross-sectional shapes obtained by hot-rolling, cold-rolling and welding.
  • Production according to the drawings. Production according to the customer’s project with the participation of the designer and professional performers.
  • Truss manufacturing. The metal construction truss is used in the roofing of housetop of any configuration.
  • Development of non-standard structures. Flexible I-beam, dome structure of any diameter, column.
  • Production of industrial structures. Hangar, technical shed, prefabricated building.
  • Production of billboards for advertising. Production of billboards for advertising. A standard billboard in the form of a hollow board or covered with a metal sheet.
  • Large-dimensioned constructions. Structures for the construction of a large-sized retail facility, a metal frame of a building of increased complexity, an antenna-mast structure.
  • Welded products. A nondemountable element made of sheet and profile metal, produced using a special welding technology.
  • Manufacture of building metal structures. Frame, module, truss, support, beam, column.
  • Production of metal containers. All types of tanks of any volume for storing liquid and bulk materials.

Construction of metal structures is carried out after the preparation of all components. Final welding takes place directly at the installation site.




Mechanical processing of parts is necessary at each stage of the technological process. Changes of the size, shape and other parameters of the workpieces are required:

  • hot-dip galvanizing – applying an anti-corrosion layer of molten zinc;
  • priming metal structures to prepare the iron product for further processing;
  • powder coating of metal structures with baking in ovens;
  • mechanical processing of metal to obtain details of specified shapes and sizes;
  • sheet metal processing – bending, cutting on a laser machine, rolling, welding of workpieces;
  • plasma cutting – plasma cutting of sheets of ferrous, non-ferrous, refractory metal or alloy.

Any metal material can be processed on our equipment – steel, aluminum, galvanized products.


Project engineering

engineering of a project and technical documentation (Metal Construction Drawings, Detailed Metal Construction Drawings), which will allow you to clearly fulfill your order and minimize the cost of finished structures


Manufacturing of metal structures

performed by highly qualified specialists on the modern equipment


Metalworking of structures

priming and painting of structures, two-level cleaning of corrosion and rust in a sandblasting chamber



organization and delivery of manufactured metal structures to the place of their installation


Installation works

performance of all types of installation works


Commissioning of the object

commissioning of the object and high guarantee for constructions


of metal structures

Carried out at our plant:

Blanking shop

7000sq. m.


450tons per month

metal structures

Manufacturing of metal structures

7000sq. m.


450tons per month

metal structures

Equipment of steel structures plants
Pulsar Construction

Blanking section

gas plasma cutting machines

band saws

manual plasma and gas cutters

shear press machine

drilling machines

Assembly and welding area

welded beam assembly line

semi-automatic welding machines(FRONIUS, TESLA)

welding machines (TESLA)

Painting area

sandblasting chamber

airless painting sprayers


Our Metal Structure Plant has hundreds of completed projects. Here you can place an order for the manufacture of metal structures for industrial, commercial use and domestic needs. Advantages of cooperation with our Metal Structure Plant are:

high quality of products

own production facilities

qualified specialists

low price of metal structures

high quality service and full range of services

To calculate the estimated cost of the service or if you need specialist assistance, please contact us and we will call you back. Our company "Pulsar-Construction" is a major manufacturer of metal structures with extensive experience in the Ukrainian market.

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