Metal structures

Metal structures are products from pure metals and alloys. A variety of shapes, strength, high speed of manufacture and installation allows them to be used in the construction of residential buildings, business centers, sports facilities, agricultural and industrial premises. Advertising and enclosing metal structures of various configurations and sizes are widely popular.

Our company “Pulsar Construction” offers its customers a full range of services, including project development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of steel structures under construction.

Types of metal structures

The variety of applications requires the production of a wide range of designs. Therefore, our company offers the following types of rolled metal products:

  • galvanized;
  • advertising;
  • construction;
  • metal enclosing structures;
  • anchor blocks;
  • containers.

Our website contains a product catalog, where you can find a description of these varieties of products, as well as a price list indicating the cost of goods.

Production of non-standard metal structures

In the company “Pulsar Construction”, you can place an order for the manufacture of metal structures according to individual sketches of the required dimensions. Our specialists will carry out the revision, will agree it with you and make the estimate. 

Non-standard metal structures can be frames for buildings and hangars, individual elements inside or outside objects.

Engineering of metal structures

The specialists of our company begin the execution of an order for the manufacture of metal structures from the design and development of technical documentation. This gives customers the opportunity to know the cost of the product in advance, and, if necessary, to make adjustments to the project.

Manufacturing of metal structures

The “Pulsar Construction” company has its own plant in Ukraine. The productivity of the enterprise in Brovary city is 450 tons of metal structures per month.

The workshops are tooled up with modern high-tech equipment. Combined with the use of only the finest materials, these factors allow us to manufacture products that meet global quality and safety standards.


Mounting of metal structures

The specialists of our company, provide services on delivery and installation of metal structures of all types of complexity in Kyiv city and other cities of Ukraine.

On the website of our company you can find out the cost per ton of metal structures manufacturing, get qualified advice and place an order.



Finished products go through the stage of priming and painting. This increases the period of operation of metal structures and erected objects. The availability of sandblasting chambers allows us to quickly and effectively clean the surface of steel structures from corrosive areas and rust, extending their service life after sale and installation.


Galvanized metal structures

We use hot-dip galvanizing to protect metal structures from corrosion. The immersion process in molten zinc takes place at a temperature of 500°C. As a result of a certain sequence of chemical reactions, a layer of zinc carbonate with a thickness of 30 to 100 microns is formed on the metal surface. As a result of preventing corrosion processes, the products acquire additional strength and durability. Thanks to the presence of bathtubs measuring 1600x3200x13000 mm, we can galvanize metal structures up to 13 m long. We also have a line for the processing of hardware products.

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Metal structures for advertising

Advertising metal structures are a frame for placing advertising media at different heights. Special requirements are put forward for these products, since they must withstand significant loads from adverse natural factors. These criteria include: wear resistance; rigidity; ease of transportation; speed of installation; aesthetic appearance; safety. We design and manufacture both standard structures and complex advertising structures. We order: billboards; advertising steles; pylons; billboards; road signs and signs. As structural elements, we use pipes, angles, channels and other types of rolled metal, connected by welding.

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Building metal structures

Modern construction business cannot be imagined without the use of metal structures. In the construction of residential and industrial premises, the following are used: columns; farms; runs; communications; beams; bent profiles; overlaps; pile frames and other structures. Metal structures allow you to speed up the process of erecting construction objects, reduce costs and labor intensity.

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Metal enclosing structures

We offer corrugated board fences to our customers as the optimal fencing material. Among the advantages of a profiled sheet, it is worth highlighting: durability; strength; protection against noise and mechanical pollution; ease of care; speed of installation; affordable price.

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Anchor blocks

Foundation anchor blocks are embedded products made of special bolts fastened with frame structures of various profiles, or welded anchor plates. Steel structures are intended for adhesion of elements to the foundation during monolith construction and concreting. The production of anchor blocks at the Pulsar Construction plant is carried out in accordance with GOSTs. When assembling, the center distance is clearly maintained.

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Our steel structure factory is also a manufacturer of metal containers for technical and food liquids. They can be ordered for transportation and storage of alcoholic beverages, oil products, water, fuels and lubricants, and some types of products. Such containers are used in construction for the arrangement of drainage systems, wastewater disposal, installation of sewerage and water supply. Fire departments use them as water reservoirs. We manufacture reliable metal containers from any steel grades due to the availability of modern welding equipment. The metal is resistant to corrosion even when exposed to very aggressive environments.

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