Manufacturing of metal structures according to drawings

The “Pulsar  Construction” Сompany offers the production of metal structures according to drawings. We will fulfill your order in our powerful plant. Large-scale production in Brovary city unfolded on the territory of 7000 square meters and produces up to 450 tons of products per month.

The client provides his own sketch or drawing of the desired metal structure. Our engineers help to bring the idea to life. We will produce an object of any complexity, taking into account the wishes of the customer and observing safety standards.

Изготовление металлоконструкций по чертежам заказчика

Metal structures according to drawings

A variety of metals is well suited for processing, which allows obtaining objects of various shapes and sizes. They can be used in construction, agriculture, industry, commercial activities.

Manufacturing of metal structures according to customer drawings involves a full range of works:

  1. Development of a sketch of the future structure. If you have a finished project on paper, the company will help to make it a reality. In the absence of a drawing, offer an idea, and our engineers will design the future object in accordance with the standards.
  2. Full calculation of production cost. The price depends on the type of product, the grade of raw materials used, the features of the product (regular or non-standard) and the volume of the final product.
  3. Process flowsheet setup. The production of structures has certain stages, which allows you to reduce time, optimize the process and reduce the price of products.
  4. Assembly of metal structures according to drawings and inspection. Products manufactured by our plant are tested for metal stability, strength of welds and joints, meet all safety requirements, which is confirmed by quality certificates.
  5. Delivery of metal structures to the facility. At the request of the customer, we will pack the product and bring it carefully to the required address.
  6. Mounting. Pulsar Construction professionals will install a metal structure in compliance with all safety standards in a short time.

Manufacturing of metal structures according to customer’s sketches

The production capacity allows us to execute large orders in a short time without loss of quality and to cooperate with you on a permanent basis. We are ready to set up large-scale production of metal structures according to customer’s sketches.

The labor-intensive technology of manufacturing metal products requires an orderly process of forging, cutting, stamping, the interaction of many mechanisms and the use of high-quality steel and aluminum. Our professionals on the modern equipment make welded and prefabricated alloy products using innovative technologies, such as:

  • plasma, gas, abrasive, band saw and other types of metal cutting with sheet thickness up to 300 mm;
  • cutting with a laser;
  • perforation of steel sheets;
  • additional priming and painting allows you to increase the life of the facility;
  • zinc coating is a treatment of metal elements with zinc carbonate at a temperature of about + 500 ° C prevents corrosion for the entire period of operation.

To order our services, please, call by phone or use a special form on the site. There you can also send a file with a preliminary sketch of the desired product.

We produce building trusses, purlins, ceilings, columns, stairs, anchor blocks, advertising structures (boards, billboards, steles, pylons and road signs), various light structures. Visit our website and choose what you need.

The high quality products of our company are distinguished by:

  • reliability and resistance to external conditions;
  • durable anti-corrosion protection;
  • simple installation;
  • continuous operation;
  • variety of products.

Here you will find not only the products you need, but also the excellent service. Consultants will clarify all the details of the service and help you select the right material for your product. Our company produces the metal structures in accordance with quality and safety standards. We guarantee the fulfillment of the order exactly on time. Your idea is our implementation.

Metal structures according to drawings

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