Mounting of metal structures

We carry out the mounting of metal structures in Kyiv city and throughout Ukraine for the construction of offices, houses, shopping centers, production shops and other facilities. Metal structures provide a solid and reliable basis for pre-fabricated frame and modular constructions. Due to their low specific weight, metal structures are a versatile building material, which allows you to build structures of different heights on all types of foundations.

монтаж металлических ферм

Metal structures installation services

We carry out the manufacture and installation of metal structures for a complete technological cycle. Our Metal Structure Plant in Brovary city, with a total area of 7000 m2, has the necessary equipment and large stocks of raw materials to produce more than 450 tons per month.

Metal structures in the field of industrial, residential and commercial construction are used as the main element of the building frame, load-bearing walls, roofs, ceilings, internal partitions.

монтаж металлоконструкций любой сложности


Services for the installation of metal structures include:

  • engineering of metal structures;
  • production of metal structures in any volume of the required shape and size;
  • delivery of finished metal structures to the construction site;
  • assembling a metal frame, module or other building element;
  • installation of internal partitions, roofing.

At the request of the customer, we will perform a turnkey service – with metal frame insulation, installation of windows and doors. You can engage in construction all year round, it is not required to use special heavy equipment and a large number of workers. Specialists of the company will promptly perform manufacturing and mounting of metal structures for constructions of any height.

We have the most favorable prices for the installation of metal structures throughout Ukraine. To make the construction profitable, you need to order services for the installation of metal structures from us, since we provide a full cycle. Leave a request or call, and we will provide a comprehensive consultation on the cost and timing of installation of metal structures.

Services for the installation of metal structures

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