The engineering of metal structures is a complex, but at the same time a creative task, which is determined by the necessary functions of the object of construction. We make the project in accordance with the regulatory requirements and wishes of the client. Housing construction or works on construction of an industrial site cannot be carried out without a clear plan that allows you to accurately calculate the technical characteristics of the product. Otherwise, unpredictable process delays or additional material costs may occur.

Our company “Pulsar Construction” provides engineering services of:

  • metal structures;
  • Metal Construction Drawings;
  • industrial buildings;
  • agro-industrial complexes;
  • logistics complexes;
  • warehouse complexes;
  • agricultural facilities;
  • elevators;
  • office buildings.

We are also engaged in the development of Detailed Metal Construction Drawings. 

Проектирование металлоконструкций - выгодная цена, разработка металлоконструкций

Engineering of metal structures

We offer project development for metal structures of any complexity. You can order a full range of design services from Pulsar-Construction. We will develop design documentation and execute all drawings for the production of metal structures.

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проектирование четрежей КМ, КМД

Metal Construction Drawings

Our employees will quickly and professionally develop a project for metal structures. We offer documentation for the examination process and working phase. The development of KM projects refers to the preparatory stage for the subsequent creation of drawings.

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км чертеж

Detailed Metal Structures Drawings

The construction project of an object with a metal frame includes metal detailing structures. This documentation describes the individual frame elements and installation diagrams. The development of KMD drawings includes the calculation of the dimensions of parts and the study of assemblies. The project is carried out by experienced professional staff with extensive experience of successful work.

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Engineering of industrial buildings

Industrial facilities are complex complexes of buildings, which consist of a light but strong frame. The purpose of the buildings at the enterprise is different, but the buildings are similar in structure. The design of industrial buildings implies a modular construction principle, which allows the use of individual elements of the building system.

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Engineering of agro-industrial complexes

The technological basis of the agro-industrial complex involves a detailed development of the buildings and elements of the enterprise. Industrial, residential and auxiliary buildings, as well as infrastructure facilities are located on the territory of the complex. The design of agro-industrial complexes also takes into account the use of large areas for the creation of products.

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Engineering of warehouse complexes

Warehouses are not only large premises with specified parameters that are designed to store products and materials. These are whole complexes with a special system. For them, you need to calculate the required load on the floor, determine the future height of the ceiling, indicate the depth of the room and observe all proportions. The engineering of warehouse complexes should be carried out only by professionals who will take into account important parameters and functional tasks. Our employees have experience in creating such projects and can offer their vision of the system

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Engineering of agricultural objects

Our company offers the preparation of project documentation for the organization of enterprises and the construction of agricultural facilities. We carry out complex works, which include the preparation of documentation, the production and installation of metal structures, construction and finishing works, as well as the design of agricultural facilities. The prices for our services are available to each customer

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Engineering of elevators

Elevators are a separate complex of buildings and structures, which is created according to pre-calculated parameters. The project provides for the creation of silos, grain dryers, as well as devices for unloading and loading. Elevators are designed for a full or reduced complex of buildings. Our company carries out work on the creation of projects of appropriate equipment, taking into account the wishes of customers

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Проектирование офисов и офисных зданий, выгодная стоимость проектирования офисного здания

Engineering of offices and office buildings

Creating an office project involves studying the terms of reference provided by the client. After that, the implementation of the project stages begins - the collection of permits, engineering studies and examination of the object. Features and significant details are displayed in the terms of reference. The design of office buildings should take into account the norms of SNiP, fit the image and needs of the company's management, and attract tenants with its characteristics. All this is achieved through the preliminary drafting of the project by professionals.

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Order services

Order service

Our company “Pulsar-Construction” designs metal structures at competitive prices. Our highly skilled specialists with extensive experience professionally approach each task of the customer and responsibly bring the matter to the result. The work process is automated, special programs allow to visualize future structures and select the best way of implementation. Due to this, errors in the documentation are excluded. To order the engeneering of objects, leave a request on the website of our company “Pulsar-Construction”, and we will contact you as soon as possible.