Engineering of agro-industrial complexes

Modern agricultural enterprises are complex infrastructures that have certain specifics. During their construction, it is necessary to take into account many nuances: from choosing a place for the building to a field of activity. Our company offers the engineering of agro-industrial complexes for various purposes. The project, created by the specialists of “Pulsar-Construction” company, will allow you to realize your opportunities and deliver agricultural products to the consumer quickly.

Engineering facilities of agro-industrial complexes

Before engineering the facility, it is important to consider the purpose of facilities and what conditions should be created inside. If the buildings are intended for animal husbandry, then specialists of “Pulsar Construction” company take into account not only the type, but also the breed of the animals, when drawing up a project. The engineering of agro-industrial facilities carried out by our company will allow you to quickly solve production problems and ensure further business development.

  • Vegetable store. Construction, carried out in accordance with a well-designed project, effectively maintains the required temperature and humidity in the storage. It will reduce losses and keep the freshness of the crop for a long time. 
овощехранилище из металлоконструкций
  • Agriculture. Cowsheds, rabbit hutches, pig farms and other facilities should not only ensure the comfortable keeping of animals, but there also need to provide conditions for keeping young animals. The design and construction of cowsheds, made by us, will allow the cows to calve in good conditions and raise a strong calfs.
свинарник из металлоконструкций
  • Poultry farm – incubators, places for growing chicks, hangars for adult birds. The design of poultry farms with well-located premises will provide the birds with complete care and reduce possible losses in production.
птицефабрика из металлоконструкций
  • Hangars for equipment. Today, the agricultural industry does not exist without the use of machines. Prefabricated buildings will provide protection of special equipment from external conditions and extend its service life. 
ангар для техники из металлоконструкций

 In addition to the main directions of the agro-industrial complex, there are auxiliary workshops on the territory of almost every enterprise. These are chemical and biotechnological laboratories, a room for slaughtering and cutting livestock or poultry, cheese factories and dairies, workshops for preparing semi-finished products. The combination of the main and additional activities ensures the enhancement of development and helps to deliver finished products directly to the consumer.

емкости для хранения зерна

Engineering and construction of agro-industrial complex

The purpose of creating a project for any agro-industrial complex is the optimization of activities and the efficient use of resources. We offer the construction of an agro-industrial complex from metal structures, which provides the following benefits: 

  • cost savings;
  • rapid construction of facility;
  • full compliance with the requirements and sanitary standards for the premises.

Our plant is located in Brovary city, on the area of 7000 m2 and produces 450 tons of metal structures monthly. In the production of metal structures, we use only modern equipment. Owr specialists carefully control the stages of the technological process.

Our own factory allows us to not only quickly build a facility, but also save costs. The system of supply directly from the manufacturer is the absence of trade markups, which means low prices. 

We have been working in the construction industry for a long time and we have a wide experience. Testimonials from grateful customers testify to this. With our help, construction and agriculture are developing faster, bringing profit to the owners.

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