Manufacturing of metal structures

We carry out the manufacture of metal structures on order at our Metal Structure Plant in Kyiv city using modern technologies. Our specialists will produce custom-made metal structures of any complexity in accordance with your requirements. Entrust the engineering of metal structures, manufacturing and installation of metal structures to our specialists.

We process metal structures in a sandblasting chamber, cleaning them from traces of corrosion, and then we perform priming and painting metal structures – this allows us to significantly extend the service life and quickly build various buildings and structures.

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Manufacturing of industrial metal structures

Beams, power transmission line supports, frames, equipment parts are industrial structures. Custom-made industrial metal structures are high quality workmanship, accuracy and reliability.

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Manufacturing of building metal structures

Structures for construction are made of high quality steel using modern technologies. A competent approach to the choice of material and the use of high-precision equipment provides a number of advantages: high strength; durability; ease of installation; convenience of transportation.

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Manufacture of metal structures from profile pipe

Here you can order the production of metal structures from a profile pipe for the construction of buildings, structures, frames, prefabricated buildings for many industrial, commercial and residential sectors, and...

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Manufacturing of metal structures according to drawings

You can draw up a drawing of the future product yourself and order its execution from the Pulsar-Construction company. We will qualitatively, with exact observance of dimensions, produce a structure from the material of your choice and treat it against corrosion in a sandblasting chamber.

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Manufacturing of metal trusses

These are high-strength metal structures, consisting of metal elements connected to each other. Due to the combination of low weight, high strength and affordable price, trusses are in great demand. We will develop a project, we will cut the metal in accordance with the drawings, and then we will begin the production of metal structures.

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Manufacturing of non-standard metal structures

We offer the production of metal structures on an individual project. We create products according to your drawings, carry out design after familiarization with the object and taking measurements.

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Manufacturing of metal structures for advertising

Metal structures for advertising placement are mounted at different heights. You can order from us: billboards; advertising steles; pylons; shields. All designs are durable, have an aesthetic appearance, are easy to assemble and install.

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Manufacturing of large-sized metal structures

Columns, roof trusses, crane beams and similar elements are large and heavy. If you need large-sized structures for different types of construction, our company will produce the elements in the required quantity. Large-sized custom-made metal structures are a high margin of safety and durability, and reliability of construction.

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Manufacturing of welded metal structures

Welding is one of the methods of high-quality connection of metal components. When choosing the welding mode, our masters take into account many criteria: the characteristics of metals, the mode of operation of welding equipment, the thickness of the workpieces.

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Manufacturing of metal containers

We offer a service for the creation of tanks and tanks for various purposes. We use laser cutting of metal and modern welding equipment. We have on sale the necessary materials for the production of different types of tanks. You can not waste time looking for metal, but buy everything you need from us.

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Manufacturing of light-gauge metal structures

The manufacture of light metal structures begins with the preparation of a project. At this stage, the load is calculated and a detailed drawing is drawn up. At the second stage, the material is selected, which is sent for processing to ensure anti-corrosion protection. After that, the steel is ready to create the structure. The third stage is the production of metal structure parts. They are manufactured in strict accordance with the project drawings. Light metal structures are needed for the construction of a cottage, hangar, stadium, warehouse and other buildings. This material allows you to quickly build durable structures with any architecture.

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Manufacturing of steel structures to order

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