Manufacturing of metal trusses

In the multidisciplinary activity of Pulsar Construction, the manufacture of metal trusses occupies one of the main places. These products are widely used in modern construction.

изготовление металлических ферм на заводе металлоконструкций

Metal trusses

A metal truss is a structure made of rods or shaped pipes connected to each other by welded assemblies, as well as bolted and riveted joints. It is one of the most durable building elements.

Clients of “Pulsar Construction” Company have access to fast manufacturing of metal structures for trusses of all types and any complexity:

  • construction metal structures of sizes 10, 15, 18 m;
  • suspended structures for buildings and structures with one span;
  • truss metal structure with posts and struts;
  • rafters with intermediate support;
  • specialized for different types of roofs and canopies;
  • systems of beam type;
  • single and double wall types.

A high-quality metal truss does not change its configuration under the influence of loads. Its design includes a chord, braces and posts. Nodal fasteners are used to connect elements to each other. Depending on the shape of the chord, products can be triangular, polygonal, segmented. The configuration of the chord is determined by the technical specifications of the customer. It depends on the structure of the roof of the building, the selected materials and the architecture of the building as a whole.

Each truss shall be designed according to the loads it must withstand. To increase strength, all elements are thoroughly centered.

“Pulsar Construction” company complies with all the requirements of production technology at the plant, so we guarantee:

  • absence of deformations at a given load range;
  • cost optimization due to the correct selection of materials and competent calculation of frames;
  • possibility of creating products of non-standard design according to a special order of the client;
  • maximum strength with minimum weight;
  • increased durability.

Our company “Pulsar Construction” develops and produces metal structures specifically for the conditions in which they will be used. This takes into account the number of storeys of the building, the features of its foundation and architectural style.

Manufacturing of metal trusses

The manufacture of trusses requires modern equipment and experienced personnel. “Pulsar Construction” produces constructions at its own plant:

  • in the city of Brovary with production area of 7000 sq. m with the productivity of 450 tons of metal structures monthly.

The production process begins with the execution of calculations, the development of drawings and the approval of the project by the customer. All calculations are carried out at the project approval stage, so you will know the price of the entire order in advance.

During production, existing templates are used, which allows you to accurately observe the necessary geometry and greatly speed up the assembly process.

Quality control is carried out at all stages of production, eliminating the occurrence of deformations and loss of strength. All sections shall be kept in accordance with the specification. The need for stage-by-stage control is dictated by the fact that it is very difficult to correct the truss after welding is completed. Therefore, we do not allow any deviations. With this approach, we guarantee that our products have the strength and bearing capacity required by the customer. Also, the products of plant of “Pulsar Construction” retain their operational qualities for a long period of time. Additional application of anti-corrosion and flame retardant coatings further increases the reliability of metal trusses.

Our company’s metal trusses are superior in strength and durability. The products are delivered to Kiev and all regions of Ukraine.

We are one of the few on the market who have their own plant, so our price for manufacturing a metal truss is minimal. Wealth of production experience allows us to offer the creation of metal construction elements by individual projects, which are 100% consistent with the needs of customers.

“Pulsar Construction” company works for you! Order metal trusses – we guarantee the highest quality.

Production of metal trusses

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