Construction materials

Our company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of metal structures, metal processing and construction services in Ukraine. We produce high quality building materials at an affordable price. At our company, you can order a variety of products for construction, repair, roofing and finishing works. Our assortment includes bricks, foam blocks, gas blocks, concrete, metal profiles, reinforced concrete products, metal tiles, industrial carpet and related products. Purchasing all the necessary materials in one place will save you from unnecessary trouble and loss of time. You can buy everything you need for home renovation or large-scale construction from us.


Rolled metal

Any building structure should be built on the basis of a durable metal frame. In the construction of buildings and structures of different heights, bar and shaped rolled metal and sheet metal of various thicknesses are used. Depending on the volume and format of construction, the work may require:

  • steel reinforcement in the assortment  – the formation of frames for reinforced concrete structures, pouring the foundation, reinforcement the strength supports;
  • I-beams – the construction of ceilings ,in places of maximum mechanical loads;
  • channel beams – manufacturing supports of building structures, installation of frames, ceilings;
  • angles (angle beams) – strengthening of monolithic structures, ceilings and buildings;
  • masonry mesh – finishing work, laying of general building materials, production of fences and barriers;
  • metal profile – metal profile – the construction of a roof, attractive fences of the yard and the local area.

In our wholesale store, any metal products, including pipes for laying communication and engineering networks are available. When ordering building materials in «Pulsar-Construction» company, you save money and time. We have all types of rolled products from ferrous and stainless steel and wholesale of building materials at a bargain price.

General construction materials

When erecting any construction object – a summer residence, a private house, a country cottage, a warehouse, a store – general construction materials are used. In our catalog, such products are presented in a large assortment:

  • Building brick (ordinary), facing (decorative) and furnace – silicate and ceramic products for the construction of foundations, walls, stoves and other structures;
  • Foamed concrete block – a lightweight building material made of cellular concrete for the construction of low-rise buildings and structures on any foundations. Differs in small specific weight, porous structure, low thermal conductivity;
  • Gas concrete block – popular building material with the correct geometry of the lines. Due to its light weight and large parameters, it successfully replaces brickwork, speeds up the construction process;
  • Concrete – all brands and classes with delivery in Kyiv city and Kyiv region. General building material is necessary for pouring foundations and cohesion of structural elements. Depending on the composition of the mixture is heavy or light;
  • Reinforced concrete products – a monolithic block or slab, from which the foundations of large-scale construction projects are erected, as well as rings for arranging a well or septic tank in the yard;

In addition, our catalog of building materials contains a category of related products. Finishing and plastering tools are necessary to complete the final stage of construction – interior decoration of walls, ceilings and external cladding of facades. When carrying out repair work in your apartment or house you also need to buy building materials. In our store of  “Pulsar Construction” company any products can be ordered in bulk, which will allow you to save well on purchase.

Construction materials

More details

Our “Pulsar Construction” company is a major supplier of products for commercial, industrial and civil construction. You can buy building materials for the installation of metal profiles, sandwich panels, metal tiles, sheet metal, drywall and other products from our company.

To place an order for our company, you just need to leave a request on the website. If necessary, contact our personnel for advice. Our specialists will help you to choose the products you are interested in, place an order and explain in detail the terms of delivery and payments.