Engineering of metal structures

The main purpose of metal structures is to be the frame of a building object. The competent design of the project and high-quality practical implementation determine the strength and durability of an industrial or residential building, as well as its compliance with the expected loads. The design of metal structures should ensure the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of construction, as well as be based on the use of proven technologies and new materials.

Our company carries out a range of necessary work, which includes:

  • Project development.
  • Preparation of design and technical documentation.
  • Control over the manufacture of structures.
  • Delivery of finished products to the installation site.

The production is carried out at the plant located in the city of Brovary. The production area amounts 7000 square meters, which makes it possible to achieve high rates of manufacturing metal structures – 450 tons per month.

Before being sent to the customer, the products are subjected to anti-corrosion treatment – sandblasting, followed by priming and painting.

Мetal construction design project

A metal structure design project engineered for a specific construction task helps to reduce material costs and ensures that customer requirements are met exactly.

Metal structures can be standard and custom-made. In the latter case, the task of engineers is to develop new forms with increased strength characteristics, while simplifying installation operations. We envisage the production of the main parts of prefabricated structures, auxiliary and fastening elements and take into account the technology of installation at the facility.

At the first stage, the design of the Metal Construction Drawings is carried out with the definition of the following fundamental points:

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  • Calculation of loads and pressure on foundation.
  • Determination of steel grades and types of rolled metal products.
  • Design of the main units.
  • Determination of conjugations of the major elements.
  • Identification of connection of metal structures with reinforced concrete foundations.
  • Execution of Metal Construction Drawings.
  • Development of an explanatory note with calculations.

At the second stage, the development of Detailed Metal Construction Drawings with the detailing of all information and the approximation of the design solutions of the first stage to the generally accepted ones takes place. This approach reduces the cost of design of metal structures, cut the consumption of materials without sacrificing quality and makes the project more profitable for the customer.

Detailed Metal Construction Drawings include:

  • general parameters of metal structures;
  • specifications of metal, metalware, additional elements;
  • assembly drawings;
  • layout of joints;
  • schemes and installation technologies.

Проектирование и расчет металлоконструкций, узнайте стоимость проекта металлоконструкций

Metal Structure Design Service

Metal structures are a critical element of the building. The service life of the structure and the safety of people depend on their reliability and quality. Our company offers services for the design of metal structures, considering a great variety of shapes and a wide scope of application. We develop industrial and advertising welded structures, frame and reinforcing products for residential-grade construction, corrugated fencing, containers and other types of metal structures.

The “Pulsar-Construction” Company employs highly qualified engineers, able to perform design in strict accordance with the wishes of the customer. Specialists have experience in model analysis, proficiency in programs and products for auxiliary and reference purposes and successfully use them in their work.

If you want to order the production of metal structures from professionals, please contact our company.  The cost of the service is determined individually, depending on the volume and complexity of the order, the urgency of production, the price of the material.

Engineering of metal structures

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