Engineering of warehouse complexes

A modern warehouse complex is a complicated system, where raw materials and finished products are stored, equipment is loaded and unloaded. Competent design of warehouses guarantees uninterrupted operation of the enterprise, as well as timely shipment of goods to the consumer. During drawing up the project, we take into account the norms of Construction Directives and Rules, as well as the features of storage of materials, transport access routes, the use of specialized equipment inside warehouses and other features. готовый проект складского комплекса

Warehouse Design Standards

Warehouse buildings are designed in compliance with the standards specified in Construction Directives and Rules:

  • Dimensions of the future object in accordance with GOST (National State Standard).
  • The nature of the surrounding area: are there finished buildings on the area, what is their purpose, will further construction be carried out.
  • Places for installation of equipment and communications. It is necessary to consider that they do not interfere with the movement of loaders and other equipment inside the warehouse. Engineering systems are placed at some distance above the floor level. 
  • Availability of premises for staff. If there are no violations of fire safety and sanitary standards, administrative and utility rooms, as well as document storages, can be located on the territory of the warehouse complex. 
  • In places where the pedestrian movement of personnel is provided, the ceilings must have a height of more than two meters.
  • At least two ladders or rampants leading to unloading ramps.

The number of floors, the total height of the ceilings and the internal layout depend on the purpose of the warehouses. One-story warehouse buildings are popular: their construction is cheaper.

The design of warehouse complexes, in addition to meeting the basic norms of construction, also requires an individual approach to the development of the plan. Wherein takes into account:

  • the nature of the cargo flow and the availability of a logistics chain in the system of storage and transportation of goods;
  • calculation of the capacity of the warehouse complex;
  • personnel movement scheme, location of open or closed loading and unloading areas, places for storing raw materials and finished products, location of auxiliary premises (office, household, rest rooms);
  • layout of workspace for main and auxiliary sectors;
  • calculation and allocation of the installation for racks, bunkers and other devices for cargo placement;
  • hazard class of stored products (explosion hazard, fire hazard, environmental threat);
  • organization of the entrance of freight transport and parking lots, where cars will be waiting for loading and unloading;
  • drawing up a traffic scheme outside and inside the complex.

When developing the project, we also take into account the features of the microclimate in the storage facilities, the types of cargo that will be stored in the warehouse, and the nature of the building materials for the construction of the building.

Recently, pre-fabricated buildings made of metal structures have become very popular. Relatively lightweight metal structures do not require a particularly strong foundation, and in some cases, temporary warehouses can completely abandon the foundation (concrete slab is used).

The price of metal structures is lower than for bricks and a number of other building materials, and the simplicity and speed of installation allows you quickly get a building with the necessary operating characteristics. Such buildings comply with GOST standards, are comfortable and look attractive. The last fact is important: the warehouse as well as the other main and auxiliary premises, is the face of the company.

Engineering and construction of warehouses

You can order the design of a warehouse in one organization, and entrust the construction of buildings to another company, but this is not very convenient and not always profitable. It is better to order design and construction on a turnkey basis. Entrusting all stages to one contractor provides a number of advantages:

  • Acceleration of the construction of warehouses. Simultaneously with the development of the project, we start the calculations of the necessary materials.
  • Timely supply of construction materials.
  • Work without downtime because at some stage the special equipment or materials were not delivered on time. We will make sure that the construction site is provided with everything necessary.
  • High quality service.

Our company “Pulsar-Construction” is engaged in the design of warehouses and warehouse complexes, and also carries out the construction of buildings on a turnkey basis. Contractors control all stages of construction and ensure that materials are delivered on time.

We well known in the Ukrainian market of services for a long time and can draw up a project of any complexity: from standard to non-standard. If necessary, we will build a warehouse in full compliance with project documentation.

Our company has own large Metal Structures Plant, located in Brovary city and covers an area of 7000 m2. It produces 450 tons of metal products monthly. We use the modern equipment for the production of metal structures, and experienced specialists of “Pulsar-Construction” Company control all the stages of the technological process.

Finished metal structures are cleaned of dirt and rust film in a sandblasting chamber, and then treated with primers and painted to increase corrosion resistance.

Our own production facilities allow us to ensure timely deliveries of high-quality building materials, and you have the opportunity to save money. Cooperation with the manufacturer is convenient and profitable. We work without intermediaries and price gouging, so you get materials of excellent quality at prices below market prices.  Construction costs will be minimal, and at the same time, you will get a convenient and functional warehouse complex, corresponding to the prescribed building regulations. This will allow your company to continue to develop effectively.

You can order design and construction services by phone or by leaving a request on the website. We care about the convenience of customers, so we make design of the object of high quality, build in compliance with the deadlines specified in the contract, and also give the opportunity to save on the purchase of building materials.

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