Rolled metal

Rolled metal products are products of various types, made of pure metals or metal alloys. For production, the method of cold and hot rolling on special machines under the influence of pressure is used. Metal rolling is used in many industries, engineering, shipbuilding, capital and road construction. Our «Pulsar-Construction» company is engaged in manufacturing and sales of metal products of main types: 

  • ferrous rolled steel.
  • stainless rolled steel.

The range of products is presented by products directly from the manufacturer and is intended for a wide range of consumers.


Ferrous rolled steel


Products made from ferrous metals are the most demanded types of metal products. Iron, steel, cast iron, carbon are used as raw materials. Nickel, copper, aluminum are added to improve the quality characteristics. After passing through the rolling mill, the alloy acquires qualities that are significant for industrial production:

  • firmness;
  • mechanical and corrosion resistance;
  • weldability;
  • affordable price;
  • durability.

The main type of ferrous metal is steel and aluminum alloys, cast iron is used for a narrow range of production.

 Ferrous rolled steel is divided into four types: sheet, pipe, bar and shaped.

Steel sheets are the most popular category of rolled metal products. They are used to make a variety of production parts and equipment, vehicle bodies and much more.

The pipe type includes seam and seamless pipes with a profile or round section of different sizes. They are used for the manufacture of industrial equipment, in the construction of pipelines for various purposes, and in drilling.

We offer the following assortment of ferrous rolled steel products:

  • Steel strip. It has the form of a narrow plate of rectangular section. It is used in the construction industry, for the production of springs, parts, is the starting element for the manufacture of steel sheets.
  • Steel reinforcement. It is a bar with a ribbed surface. It is used in construction, in the manufacture of metal structures, for reinforcing concrete products.
  • Round, square and hexagon steel. These are bars with a round, square and hexagonal section. Used for forging, production of shaped and sectional products.
  • Wire rod.

Shaped ferrous steel is represented by the following categories:

  • Angle. Has the form of a bent plate. Used in construction and mechanical engineering as a connecting element.
  • Channel bar. Product with a U-shaped profile. It is applied in construction and mechanical engineering.
  • I-beam or beam. Product with a profile in the form of the letter H.
  • Rail. It is used in the construction of railway tracks.

Stainless steel


Products from stainless steel have a wide range of applications. These are construction, heavy engineering, architecture, food, chemical and petrochemical industries, electric power industry, and transport.

We produce stainless steel from several types of steel – high-alloy, ferritic, martensitic, combined. For resistance to corrosion, heat and chemicals, we use additives in the form of chromium, molybdenum and nickel.

The anti-corrosion properties directly depend on the proportion of anti-corrosion additives and determine the scope of the steel. Conventional alloys with a low level of corrosion resistance are used in the manufacture of household appliances and items. Higher quality alloys are able to withstand high temperature conditions without dross formation and withstand harsh chemical environments.

Stainless steel products include:

  • pipe round and profile;
  • square;
  • round;
  • angle;
  • strip;
  • hexagon;
  • stainless steel sheet in various sizes and types.

Stainless steel sheets are used for finishing buildings, as roofing, corrugated board, for the production of products by cold or hot deformation. The manufacturers of shaped steel often buy sheets.


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Our metal store offers to buy metal and various types of ferrous and stainless metal products. A product catalog with a detailed description and a price list are presented on the website. Actual prices imply cost per linear meter or ton, depending on the length of the rolled product. When buying in bulk, there are favorable discounts.

Contact us and you will be able to purchase quality products from trusted suppliers at the best prices in Kyiv. You can order goods by phone and online. We organized realization of metal and pipe profiles with delivery throughout Ukraine.