Engineering of offices and office buildings

«Pulsar-Construction» Company will design office, office buildings and premises for your order. We provide services in accordance with established standards and requirements. Our company is equipped with a strong production base. At our plant in the city of Brovary with a total area of 7 thousand sq.m, we produce more than 450 tons of metal structures used in construction every month. The availability of modern imported equipment, our own service of engineers, designers, builders, as well as large stocks of high-quality materials allows us to implement any turnkey architectural concept – from project development to completion.

Office Building Design Code

The task of each head of the enterprise is to provide comfortable and safe working conditions for employees, since people spend a significant part of their time at the workplace. The office space must be ergonomic and comfortable, free for movements so that employees can perform their duties and functions with high efficiency and the least labor costs. Office designing is the stage at which the external appearance, internal structure, engineering and communication systems of the building are laid.

офисные и торговые центры


Drawing up a project covers several labor-intensive stages, which include the development of technical specifications taking into account the wishes of the customer, the compilation of initial permit documentation, engineering surveys, and the development of design and working documentation. The terms of reference reflect the characteristics of the future office, which distinguish it from buildings for other purposes – multicompartment buildings, industrial facilities, workshops, warehouses, etc.

In the process of developing a project, it is necessary to take into account each norm and requirement for the structure under construction:

  • compliance with the height of the premises at least 3 m (except for the equipment of small offices in already constructed buildings);
  • compliance with the norm for the height of corridors and halls of at least 2.4 m (from 2.2 m in already built and operated structures);
  • compliance of the premises with the required corridor width parameters from 1.2 m for a 10-meter length or from 1.5 m for corridors over 10 m long.

The presence of functional premises is determined by the specifics and characteristics of a particular administrative, office or commercial building. Typically, it should include executive offices, rooms for structural subdivisions, premises of the information and technical group, meeting rooms, presentations and conference rooms, service rooms for employees and customers (bathrooms, reception, security, dining room, lobbies), technical rooms (boiler rooms, server rooms, switchboards).

Engineering support of the office includes hot and cold water supply, sewerage, heating, electricity and lighting, communication networks (telephone, internet, TV), security and fire alarms, air conditioning and ventilation systems. In order to save energy, the design of office centers is carried out with the optimal use of natural light.

During the project preparation, our specialists can develop an architectural planning according to a standard model or to a preliminary plan that allows making a variable distribution of the company’s employees by office space and functional blocks.

Проектирование офиса, узнайте стоимость проектирования офисных зданий и помещений

Design and construction of office centers

To build an office that ensures efficient workflow of employees, is safe and reliable, you need to take into account many nuances. After receiving the order, we form a team of specialists for development of a solution, and we establish interaction between the group and the client’s representatives.

The engineering and construction of modern office centers takes into account all significant factors. These include features of architecture, design, engineering support, building codes. The aesthetic perception of the office as a whole is certainly taken into account the combination of the external composition, interior, concept and harmony of design. To make each person feel comfortable in a new building, it is necessary to organize convenient functional areas that increase the efficiency of the workflow. To make each person feel comfortable in a new building, it is necessary to organize convenient functional areas that increase the efficiency of the workflow.

We pay attention to the appearance of the office building. It should correspond to the directions of modern architecture, fit into the surrounding space, work out the image plan of the company and serve as a business card of the enterprise. The corporate interior and exterior design of the office makes the company recognizable.

Using our services, you can order the project of building an office or a shopping center. We will prepare a solution for both an economy class building and an elite business center. We will complete each stage of the design within the agreed timeframe in order to start building a new office as soon as possible. Call us – we will answer your questions, provide detailed advice and orient you at the price of services.

Engineering of offices and office buildings