Engineering of agricultural objects

Development of the project is the first stage from which the construction of each object begins. Therefore, the design of agricultural facilities is necessary for any building, whether it be the construction of a small fence or the erection of a giant livestock complex.

 The “Pulsar-Construction” Сompany offers professional design of agricultural facilities in compliance with the specific requirements for the construction, as well as in compliance with building and legal regulations.

проект каркас сельскохозяйственного здания

Engineering of agricultural objects

 “Pulsar-Construction” Company has its own production. Therefore, our clients can order not only a design service, but also the production of metal structures, which are needed in order to build a developed agricultural facility or a building for another purpose. “Pulsar-Construction” Enterprises are located in the following cities:

  • Engineering Department and Head Office in the city of Kiev city;
  • Metal Structures Plant with the area of 7000 sq. m and capacity of 450 tons per month in the city of Brovary.

Our service is comprehensive and you can order any of the following types:

  • initial consultations;
  • development of the construction concept of the facility;
  • approval of the project with the administration, receipt of permit documentation;
  • development of the project, taking into account all the requirements specified by the customer, as well as the features of the nearby buildings, engineering communications and the land relief;
  • preparation of a documentation package in the form required by the construction of agricultural facilities.

We use innovative computer technologies, which allows us to fullfil large-scale orders quickly and with the lowest prices. We create a project in close contact with the customer, optimizing it according to the available budget and the materials which the customer prefers.

We carry out the design on a turnkey basis. The customer receives a finished product that does not need further modifications.

“Pulsar-Construction” Company  invites you to place an order for the design of any types of economic objects for agriculture. We accept applications through the website or by phone.

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