Engineering of industrial buildings

Industrial buildings are part of large industrial facilities of national economic significance. Industrial complexes are an ensemble of buildings and construction facilities for special purposes, united by a common task. Each construction structure is designed to be shared for a convenient and functional working process.

 This approach makes the design of industrial buildings a complex technological task that requires the integrated participation of architects, technologists, civil engineers and representatives of other specialties. The development of an enterprise project should take into account the following aspects: 

  • Object specific features.
  • Rational use of working areas and adjacent territory.
  • Proper operation of technological equipment.
  • Possibility of communication between facilities, transportation of raw materials and products.
  • The use of technologically justified construction and finishing materials.
  • Unified stylistic solution for exterior and interior decoration.
  • Compliance with building, sanitary, fire and other safety standards.

проект строительства производственного здания

Features of industrial building design

The features of industrial facilities that are not typical for residential buildings complicate the design of industrial buildings and structures. These are larger scales and volumetric spatial solutions. 

Industrial buildings may have a multifunctional purpose or perform a specialized task. The classification of industrial construction objects includes the following types of buildings:

  • industrial buildings, where the main production is concentrated;
  • ancillary-industrial buildings for the performance of auxiliary and secondary tasks;
  • electricity premises;
  • shipping departments, garages, electric depots;
  • storage facilities for storing blanks, raw materials, finished products;
  • public facilities – administrative, medical, public catering;
  • sanitary-engineering, ensuring the functioning of the enterprise.

The construction of industrial buildings based on the use of special prefabricated structures made of durable materials. Steel, iron, monolithic reinforced concrete, wood, plastic are used. A strong, lightweight frame is used as a bearing component. 

To increase productivity and reduce the cost of the project for industrial facilities we develop the new techniques similar to the technologies for constructing prefabricated buildings. This makes it possible to build production complexes according to the modular principle, to combine enterprises into industrial units, to place technological equipment in a rational way.

Architectural and technical design standards are also being raised in view of the special requirements for the construction of industrial facilities. The design of the industrial facility should guarantee that the planned buildings fully meet the main purpose:

  • The technical requirements for the strength, stability and durability of the building must be met, taking into account the features of the landscape, the height of the building, the upcoming physical loads and the specificity of the production equipment.
  • The premises must comply with the operational requirements for dimensions, height, span width and other parameters. They should ensure the rational placement of equipment and workplaces, technologically correct course of work process.
  • Ensuring economic requirements includes the optimal use of the areas of the main and auxiliary premises, the competent choice of building materials, the cost-effective use of communications, and well-thought-out logistics.
  • Significant importance is attached to the overall architectural appearance of the object. Both a compound industrial complex and a single industrial building should have an expressive appearance. Therefore, when developing a project, we pay attention to the proportionality of the elements, the compliance of the design with the environment, the uniformity of all structural parts, including fences and the surrounding area.

Design and construction of industrial buildings

Our company specializes in industrial design and manufacture of metal structures. We offer our customers complete service. Our services include:

  • Selection of the type of industrial facility.
  • Development of design and engineering documentation.
  • Ensuring the production process.
  • Organization of construction delivery to the installation site.
  • Performing installation work.

Our company provides control over every stage of production, as we have our own manufacturing plant. Extensive production areas of 7000 sq. m in Brovary city allow manufacturing products of any complexity. The working process, which takes place on high-quality equipment and with the participation of experienced specialists, has a high productivity (450 tons per month). This guarantees high-quality execution of the order without violating the terms of the contract.

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