Engineering of elevators

Grain crops require special storage conditions: full ventilation, special microclimate, temperature control. The design of elevators is necessary to create a full-featured granary, which allows you to save the crop for a long time and reduce possible losses. The project is drawn up taking into account building codes and operation features of the elevator storage facilities.

General Layout of elevator

The General Layout is the final approved project documentation, in accordance with which the construction will be carried out. Modern elevator complexes are compound partially or fully automated systems consisting of several types of structures: 

  • silo towers;
  • grain dryers;
  • grain storage hangars;
  • administrative buildings;
  • utility premises.

In addition, the general layout of the elevator provides for the creation of loading and unloading areas, schemes of vehicle entrances and the availability of parking for trucks.

General layout includes calculations of the volume of the granary (how many tons it will hold) and a communication scheme between the main and auxiliary facilities. Competent organization of the production process (PP) will increase the efficiency of the enterprise.

Additionally, we take into account the methods of storage of grain products:

  • on-the-floor (horizontal or sloping floor);
  • hutch;
  • ensilage.

Any automatic elevator system cannot fully function without engineering communications. It is necessary to design heating and ventilation, supply water to ensure the required level of humidity.

Different building materials are used for the construction of elevators, but prefabricated objects made of metal structures have become very popular. They are relatively inexpensive and quickly installed, allowing you to build an elevator storage in a short time.

проект элеваторного комплекса

Elevator project

Our company offers turnkey construction of elevators. The service includes:

  • elevator construction project, taking into account all the features of grain storage and processing;
  • calculation of the required amount of building materials;
  • organization of supplies of materials taking into account the stage of construction works;
  • timely object commissioning to the customer.

We have long been known in the market of services of Ukraine. Customers from Kyiv city and other cities can order only project design or entrust our company with the design and construction of the elevator complex. 

Cooperation with us will bring a number of advantages. We have our own Metal Structure Plant in Brovary city on the area of 7000 m2, which produces 450 tons of metal products monthly. We manufacture metal structures using modern equipment, and experienced staff monitors all stages of the technological process. We clean the products manufactured at the plant from dirt and traces of corrosion in a sandblasting chamber, and then cover with an anti-corrosion primer and paint. Thanks to such protection, our metal structures serve for several decades.

Having entrusted our company with the design and construction of an elevator, you will quickly receive the elevator systems necessary for work. We start the production of metal structures immediately after the approval of the project documentation. This allows us strictly comply with the deadlines specified in the contract and perform the work qualitatively.

An additional advantage of cooperation with us is the opportunity to save costs. The cost of goods from the manufacturer is always lower, and the product quality is high.

You can order our services of the design and construction of elevators by phone or by leaving a request on the website of “Pulsar Construction” Company. We are ready to undertake the production of only design documentation or to construct a turnkey elevator grain storage.

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