Engineering of logistics complexes

Logistic centers are actively replacing traditional warehouses. Therefore, the project of a logistics center is one of the most popular services offered by our “Pulsar Construction” company .

A modern logistics center is a whole complex located on a large area. Its activities are related to the transportation, storage and distribution of goods. Transit can be either regional or international. The center may have its own operators, the work may be performed by tenants of its facilities, such as: 

  • warehouse areas; 
  • distribution centers;
  • offices;
  • various services.

современный логистический центр

 Such structures perform their functions efficiently only if they are created according to a specialized project. In such instance, buildings and sites correspond to the characteristics of the operations that are carried out in them. If, however, the center is located in already existing premises adapted for it, it will be uncompetitive and will not cope with the tasks.

The logistics complex must be configured to provide access for companies requiring its services. For this purposes, it must have the necessary space and equipment. 

For the transportation and handling of goods, the center must be serviced by a variety of vehicles and meet European quality standards to ensure a steady flow of goods.

логистический комплекс с парковкой

Logistic complex project

Professionally executed design of logistics centers minimizes the cost of construction and operation of the facility, ensures high throughput and uninterrupted operation. The project development process typically includes the following steps: 

  • Preparation. The analysis of the flow of goods is carried out, a suitable site for the complex is selected and the development of an updated technical task and the preparation of documentation are performed.
  • Calculations and simulation. The composition and dimensions of buildings and structures that will be included in the complex will be assessed. The amount of equipment required is determined. Simulation of the functioning of the complex is carried out. The creation of models clearly shows the features of the working conditions. 
  • Construction design includes general design and working documentation, architectural and constructive solutions, determination of the required amount of electricity, calculation of heating and ventilation, water supply and sanitation.

 The construction of logistics complexes requires the use of a large number of various metal structures. The “Pulsar-Construction” company produces everything required on its own production facilities. We own a large plant: 

  • in the city of Brovary, with the area of 7000 sq. m, with the capacity of 450 tons per month.

Due to the production capacity, we are not limited in the production of originality of metal structures. We create any shapes at the lowest prices.

For cold warehouses, installation of a heating system is not required, and corrugated board is usually used for revetment. Warm premises require modern heating equipment. Sandwich panels are used as a sheathing material.

Designing and construction of logistics centers

проектирование логистического комплекса Пульсар Констракшн

 Professional design of logistics complexes is based on a clear understanding of the features of the functioning of the future object. Based on this information, a set of its technical characteristics is determined. 

Modern logistics is a complex system of interrelated processes that exist to provide many consumers with diverse material resources. Depending on specific tasks, the complex project may include:

  • robotic warehouses with controlled temperature;
  • office space;
  • ancillary and auxiliary premises for staff;
  • various telecommunications;
  • platforms for loading and unloading of vehicles; 
  • railway lines;
  • territory fencing and security systems.

The standard distribution of the areas of a large logistics center is approximately 1/3 part for the following purposes:

  • terminals;
  • open warehouses for goods that do not need protection from the influence of the external environment;
  • closed warehouses, transport platforms and shunting tracks.

The distribution of space may modify depending on the specific needs of the customer.

Designing is carried out in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and standards of construction. The purpose and features of structures and engineering systems determine the set of normative documentation. Quality control is carried out at each design stage.

Before starting work, we always conduct a study of the territory chosen by the customer for the complex construction. The study determines the geological characteristics of the site, the nature of the buildings and structures located nearby, the features of existing communications that pass in the immediate vicinity. 

The centers are designed taking into account the climatic features of the area where they will operate. Projects include modern fire safety systems. Depending on the category of cargo, an intruder alarm is included in the project either mandatory or at the request of the customer.

A team of certified specialists of “Pulsar-Construction” company works on each project, so the result satisfies customers by 100%.


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