Our company “Pulsar Construction” at our plant performs the manufacture of metal structures, the production of metal products and building materials. We offer a full range of services for the mechanical processing of products. Metalworking is a technological process, the result of which is the modification of technical parameters, physical qualities and geometric shapes of metals and alloys. Our metalworking plant is tooled up with advanced equipment to carry out work of any complexity and volume.


Metalworking services


Mechanical processing of metal is a complex technology. It is needed for the manufacture of various parts, structural elements, configuration units and other products in strict accordance with the drawings. Depending on the type of operations and the way the process is performed, several areas of metalworking are distinguished:

  • hot dip galvanizing – metal coating with a protective anticorrosive layer of molten zinc;
  • priming of metal structures – preparation of the surface of the product for further painting by sandblasting;
  • painting – applying a protective layer to the part by powder method, resistant to physical, chemical, temperature influences and moisture;
  • mechanical processing of metal – the performance of operations on a turning, drilling, milling machine and other equipment to give the workpieces the desired shape and size;
  • sheet metal processing – cutting parts on guillotines, bending on sheet bending machines by cold stamping, hot and induction bending, joining products using welding;
  • plasma cutting – obtaining structural elements of specified dimensions with high-precision observance of the parameters and geometry of the product from ferrous, non-ferrous, refractory metals and alloys

Our company will perform any service for the machining of ferrous metal, stainless steel, aluminum and other demanded materials. We have the most modern equipment – sheet bending, plasma cutting, welding machines, equipment for turning and milling and a powder coating shop. Our production near Kyiv city (in Brovary city) allows us to make sheet material, rolled metal products and shaped products for further use.


Metalworking to order


Due to the versatility of the use of metal products in various industries, the machining metalworking is in constant demand.

Very often, the production of one part requires operations on several machines. To get the desired product, you should perform a range of services, for example, prepare a metal material on a sheet bender, perform milling and finally connect the parts by welding. Our plant has all the necessary equipment to quickly fulfill your order, regardless of the volume and complexity of the work.

Why you should order metalworking in our company:

  • we have large production capacities;
  • we have a staff of experienced turners, millers, welders;
  • we perform work on CNC machines with 3D modeling;
  • we guarantee high quality of products after mechanical impact;
  • we work with all types of metal material;
  • we provide related services (production of building materials and metal structures).

The cost of metalworking is formed depending on the volume of the order, the nature of the operations, the complexity of the task. But in any case, the price of our services is lower than at many other enterprises in Ukraine. You need to order high-precision processing of metal products from professionals – in our company “Pulsar Construction”. To use the company’s services, just leave a request on the website. The manager will call you back to clarify the details of the order, the cost of work and agree on the terms of cooperation.


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