Hot dip galvanizing

The “Pulsar Construction” metallurgical company is engaged in the sale of sectional metal and rolled products, and provides services for the production of metal structures. To protect products from corrosion and the negative effects of moisture, we use hot-dip galvanizing, an effective technology with high-temperature zinc melt applied to the surface.

Our company has its own production facilities. The plant in Brovary city (7000 m2) is tooled up with advanced equipment, which allows the production of 450 tons of metal structures per month. The company’s production base provides the ability to fulfill orders of any complexity and volume.

Hot dip galvanizing technology

Metal processing by hot-dip galvanizing has been used in various industries for a long time.

Annually 10% of high-quality steel destroys corrosion processes. To protect metal products from moisture, we use hot dip galvanizing of metal structures made of steel and other alloys. The technology consists in immersing the fragments in a bath filled with molten zinc at a temperature close to +500°C. As a result of thermochemical treatment, a carbonate film of zinc oxide and pure zinc forms on the surface of the metal, which reacts with carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate.

The protective coating prevents corrosion processes and product oxidation, and the structure becomes resistant to mechanical stress. The thickness of the zinc layer varies in the range of 30-200 microns.

The annual consumption of the coating is on average 2 microns, so the service life of the metal structure is extended by 20-50 years, depending on the thickness of the protection.

The technology used makes it possible to protect metal structures from the harmful effects of atmospheric, soil, and water corrosion. It is zinc that gives the finished product the maximum level of protection, covering the products from the inside and the outside.

Zinc not only prevents corrosion processes, but also creates an effective barrier, providing electrochemical protection. The galvanic cell formed during the chemical reaction extinguishes the steel stress. As a result, under strong electrochemical influences, corrosion can only damage the zinc sheath, and not the metal. The technology combines two levels of protection into one, which other anti-corrosion methods cannot provide.

крупногабаритные металлоконструкции после гарячего цинкования

Hot dip galvanizing of metal structures

Hot dip galvanizing of metal should take into account the rate of immersion of products in the melt, the rate of removal from the bath, the temperature of zinc, the quality of surface preparation and other important factors.

The structure should be kept in the bath for 3-10 minutes. The flux starts to melt, providing maximum wettability of the steel. Zinc atoms are embedded in the outer layer of the metal, forming a reliable protective coating. The thickness of the layer depends on the rate of immersion and extraction of the product, as well as the angle of inclination at which the structure is taken out of the bath.

Advantages of the technology:

  • high corrosion resistance of treated surfaces;
  • acceptable cost of applying zinc coating;
  • high productivity and quality of finished products;
  • getting a continuous uniform layer of zinc protection;
  • high electrical and thermal conductivity of products.

Compared to other anti-corrosion technologies, hot-dip galvanizing has the most advantages. For example, galvanic (electrolytic) application of zinc gives the product a lower degree of protection against oxidation due to corrosion. This method is suitable for processing small parts – hardware and fasteners. Compared to hot dip galvanizing (sherardizing), hot zinc plating has advantages in terms of cost and the ability to process large structures. The cold method (painting products with a composition with a high zinc content) provides less reliable protection against corrosion.

We produce metal structures at our own plant and can galvanize the structures at our partners upon request.

Other advantages of cooperation with us:

  • extensive experience in metal processing;
  • full production cycle;
  • fulfillment of complex volume orders;
  • stage quality control;
  • fair calculation of the cost of services.

To use the company’s services, leave a request on the website. We carry out related works – painting, mechanical processing. We will call you back to clarify the details of cooperation and promptly begin to fulfill the order. Call us – we work throughout the territory of Ukraine!

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