Detailed Metal Structures Drawings

Detailed Metal Structures Drawings are a set of schemes intended for the production of metal structures depicted on them. Below is an example of a Detailed Metal Structures Drawing showing what a typical shipment-sized set of details layout looks like.

 These calculations are transferred from the Design-Engineering Bureau to the Plant, and according to them, workshops will produce elements, from which the metal structure ordered by the client will be assembled.

Detailed Metal Structures Drawing design is complemented by a set of Metal Structures Drawing. Without them, the production of complex metal structures consisting of several elements is impossible. Therefore, the design includes two necessary sections – the development of Detailed Metal Structures Drawing and Metal Structures Drawing.

 Since there are many elements of metal structures, the development of Detailed Metal Structures Drawings requires a lot of labor effort. Specialized software helps to speed up the work at this stage. 

Content of Detailed Metal Structures Drawings

The set of Detailed Metal Structures Drawings includes the following items:

  • title page;
  • general data sheet;
  • mounting diagrams;
  • separate drawings for each assembly, shipment-sized set of details and each part.

The title page includes the name of the project and the data of the company that developed the set of drawings.

The general data sheet includes descriptions of metal, hardware, shipment-sized set of details, bolted connections, welding, information on the presence of protective coatings.

Shipment-sized set of details drawings form the main part of the set that Design-Engineering Bureau prepare for the customer’s building project. They contain images of the shipment-sized set of details in several views and sections with indicating the exact dimensions. The quantity must be sufficient to unambiguously identify the object and its manufacture in metal. There is also a list of positions in which this assembly unit is located. If there are any specific technical requirements, they are also indicated in a separate block.

Drawings of details can be made on separate sheets or, if the customer so wishes, can be placed on one sheet with the drawings of the shipment-sized set of details. This is usual for developing a small and simple metal structure, the entire production cycle of which is carried out by one person. However, for a large structure you have to place everything on separate sheets.

Mounting diagrams are necessary for any construction, consisting of several parts connected to each other. Without them, the design of the drawing set cannot be considered complete. The diagram shows in detail how exactly the parts are connected to each other, and allows you to unambiguously correctly assemble the metal structure.

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Development of Detailed Metal Structures Drawings by “Pulsar-Construction” specialists

To order a Detailed Metal Structures Drawing development service, first call our managers and discuss the main nuances. Then you need to send us documents (in any form convenient for you) containing the design intent necessary for the execution of the order. We will inform you of the expected cost of developing Detailed Metal Structures Drawings and the deadline for their execution. You approve them and then we start working. The price of Detailed Metal Structures Drawing depends on the scope of design work. 

We will send finished sets of working drawings to the customer in any electronic format convenient for him, as well as in paper form, if required. We draw up documentation in accordance with the requirements of the current GOSTs and the wishes of the customer.

You can also order the production of metal structures from our company. We have a plant in Brovary city, with the area of 7000 m2, which produces 450 tons of metal structures per month.

Detailed Metal Structures Drawing development

To order a Detailed Metal Structures Drawing development service