Metal Construction Drawings

Our company offers the engineering of Metal Construction Drawings (metal structures) required in the construction of industrial buildings and civil facilities. Undergoing the examination and putting the building into operation is impossible without project documentation. Our production facilities are located at the plant in Brovary city and the design and engineering department is located in Kyiv.

Specialists of the design and engineering bureau will prepare projects and drawings according to the instructions of the customer, using advanced computer equipment, 3D modeling programs and graphics. The cost of engineering of Metal Construction Drawings is specifies and agreed in advance.

Metal Construction Drawings

The working documentation includes Metal Construction Drawings and Detailed Metal Construction Drawings. The Metal Construction Drawings of the project includes:

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  • executive summary containing general information;
  • data on mechanical stresses on the construction; 
  • data on the pressure of the metal frame on the foundation;
  • diagrams of the layout of the elements and sections;
  • metal structure fastening points;
  • technical specifications of steel.


The key importance of the project is the control of building construction. The document is mandatory and compiled strictly according to the established rules. Each section of the type AS (architectural solutions), DS (design solutions), RCS (reinforced concrete structures) combines a project for the production of works – PPW, which is a general construction plan.

The working document of the Detailed Metal Construction Drawings includes the following sections: 

  • design drawing of installation schemes;
  • drawing of pre-fabricated elements;
  • list of metal hardware and pre-fabricated elements;
  • drawing of each part of the metal structure.

Documentation is required for the construction of industrial facilities, buildings and structures for general purposes, functional agricultural buildings, load-bearing structures of bridges, arched ceilings, building frames. The cost of Metal Construction Drawings engineering depends only on the complexity of the project. 

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Engineering of Metal Construction Drawings

The experience of our company in the preparation of project documentation allows us to execute the drawing strictly according to the client’s instructions. The development of Metal Construction Drawings and Detailed Metal Construction Drawings by our specialists has important advantages: 

  • integrated development of drawings with the participation of representatives of the production workshop and the assembly team; 
  • coordination of changes made to the project with the customer, operational interaction between designers and manufacturers;
  • full implementation of the logistics stage, taking into account transportation, warehousing of structures, based on the weight, dimensions and shape of products.

To reduce the cost of manufacturing and construction, you need an accurate calculation and correctly documentation. This allows you to get the ready built object within the time limits set without violating the quality and performance characteristics of the metal structure. Call us to order an engineering service at a favorable price, or leave a request on the our website.

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