Industrial construction

If you need to build an important object quickly, then order industrial construction from “Pulsar Construction” company. Here you can order the construction of industrial facilities, as well as construction services for a specific type of activity or on the turnkey basis. We offer our clients general construction works: designing, strengthening the soil, laying engineering networks, supervising construction and much more.

Construction objects

An integrated approach to solving installation problems is much more profitable for the client than hiring contractors for a particular type of work. Facilities are built faster, and the control over the stages of the construction process improves the quality of execution.

We offer industrial construction in Ukraine, such as:

  • construction of industrial buildings;
  • agro-industrial complex;
  • logistics complexes;
  • warehouse complexes;
  • hangars;
  • agricultural buildings;
  • elevators;
  • car dealerships;
  • offices and business centers;
  • sports buildings and structures;
  • shopping malls.

We have extensive experience in various types of construction, including prefabricated structures. Cooperation with us will allow you to finish the object of construction within the time specified in the contract, while the price will remain affordable.

General contracting works

General contracting is the competent management of all construction tasks. General contracting works carried out by our company will relieve you of the need to resolve such current issues as the provision of materials and special equipment, coordination of specialists’ activities and much more. The general contractor controls all stages of construction and is responsible for the quality of the result.

Complete set of construction

To build a facility, you need to create a project, order materials and find the necessary equipment. It is difficult to carry out all the activities on your own.

The complete set of construction carried out by our company “Pulsar-Construction” will help you not to miss important moments, conclude the necessary contracts, and obtain the necessary materials and equipment.

Construction services

Our company offers customers the following construction services:

  • foundation work;
  • mounting of metal structures;
  • installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures;
  • installation of sandwich panels;
  • installation of corrugated board;
  • industrial flooring;
  • general construction works;
  • fire protection of metal structures.

You can entrust us with the execution of the project of any complexity. Our workers will carry out all kinds of work.

Order industrial construction

At our company you can order any kind of general construction works. We have experienced specialists, so we guarantee the customer a high level of quality in the construction of the facility, excellent technical characteristics of the buildings and completion of construction within the specified terms.

Cooperation with us will allow you to save time, not be distracted by solving current construction tasks and get the desired result.

You can order construction services by phone numbers indicated on the website. Contact us – we will be happy to help with the construction of any object.


Construction of warehouses

In the process of any production, it is necessary to have warehouses and storage complexes where raw materials and finished products will be stored. The construction of the warehouse begins...

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Construction of hangars

The “Pulsar Construction” company performs the engineering and construction of hangars in Kyiv city and Ukraine on a turnkey basis. Hangars made of metal structures are needed in a variety...

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Construction of granaries

Grain hangars are always subject to high requirements for humidity and temperature conditions inside. These parameters are calculated already at the engineering stage of the granary. The construction of granaries...

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строительство логистического центра

Construction of logistics complexes

The difference between a logistics complex and a warehouse is that the logistics center not only stores products, but also additionally processes, sorts, and prepares supporting documents. The construction of...

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Строительство элеваторов под ключ в Украине

Construction of elevators

We carry out the construction of elevators, as well as related functional facilities at a bargain price. Order the construction of elevators on a turnkey basis – from the design...

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строительство промышленных зданий

Construction of industrial buildings and facilities

Our company performs the construction of industrial buildings and facilities from metal structures. During designing industrial buildings, our specialists calculate the possible loads on the beams, including dynamic ones, which...

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Construction of agricultural buildings

The development of agriculture has set new tasks for the builders. Agricultural facilities have special requirements related to the specifics of production. These structures differ from civil and industrial buildings....

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Construction of aid raid shelters

Recent events show that the peaceful situation in the country can change in a matter of hours. Many of us think about what kind of weapon can be used by...

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агропромышленный комплекс

Construction of the agro-industrial complex

Our company will carry out the construction of agro-industrial complex at our own production facilities. We work on the basis of a plant located in Brovary city, with an area...

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Строительство бизнес-центров и офисных зданий под ключ, выгодная стоимость строительства офиса

Construction of offices and business centers

For any business activity, it is necessary to have a special space for working of employees of the company or enterprise, concluding transactions, storing and processing documents. Construction of offices...

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офисные и торговые центры

Construction of shopping centers

The construction of the shopping centers in Ukraine has gained a large scope. The start-up of a successful business activity is often involves the construction of commercial real estate. The...

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Construction of car dealership

If you are thinking about development your car business to a more serious scope, the next step will be to build an auto center. The modern building of the car...

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Construction of sport buildings and facilities

Rapidly developing urban infrastructure requires a large number of modern facilities for sports. The construction company “Pulsar-Construction” has an extensive experience in engineering and installing high-quality structures in Ukraine at...

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General contracting services

The “Pulsar Construction” company is the largest manufacturer of metal structures and materials in the Ukrainian market, owning a plant in Brovary city with an area of 7000 m2, which...

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Construction services

The concept of building services includes a number of processes that are closely interrelated. Metal structures are the main element of any building or construction. The installation of metal products...

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Complete set of construction

In order for the construction of the facility to be fast and of high quality, a well-designed project and timely deliveries of building materials are needed. Wholesale purchasing of materials...

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Industrial construction

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