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The “Pulsar Construction” company is the largest manufacturer of metal structures and materials in the Ukrainian market, owning a plant in Brovary city with an area of 7000 m2, which produces more than 450 tons of products monthly. In addition, our company is a general contractor of many partners of the construction industry. We carry out multitasking and multi-level process of construction management of industrial, commercial and residential real estate by the order of the customer.

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General contracting services in construction

The general contractor ensures the continuous uninterrupted performance of a complex of works at the facility, concentrating the management of a labor-intensive process. As a general contractor, we supervise the construction stages of the facility and are responsible for the qualitative results within the specified period and the agreed budget. Services of general contracting in construction cover:

  • full-scale execution of works in accordance with project documentation;
  • providing the construction process with the necessary materials, staff, special equipment;
  • drawing up construction work schedules and monitoring their timely execution;
  • participation in tender supplies of materials to reduce construction costs;
  • preparation of estimate and permit documentation;
  • optimization of material and labor resources at each stage of construction;
  • supervision of compliance with technical and quality standards during the construction of the facility;
  • ensuring the construction process in compliance with safety and health standards;
  • commissioning of the facility.

Each function under the general contracting agreement is subject to strict implementation. When ordering general contracting services at our company, you delegate to us the appropriate powers and responsibilities, eliminating the need to delve into the intricacies of the construction of buildings and structures. Only professionals should provide general contracting services and perform responsible work.

делегирование строительства генеральному подрядчику

The general contracting implies the full responsibility of the organization to the customer for the execution of work at the construction site with the appropriate quality of performance. Our company assumes all the risks under the general contract. Extensive experience in this sphere is a guarantee of reliability and precise compliance with deadlines.

Our company, as a general contractor, accompanies the construction at all stages – from the development of project documentation and engineering survey works to the commissioning of the finished facility. Based on many years of partnerships, we select contractors for various tasks: foundation construction, engineering networks laying (water supply, electricity, sewerage, heating), installation of load-bearing walls and partitions, installation of window and door structures, roofing, etc. Specialists supervise subcontracting processes and help to reduce economic costs, accelerate the pace of construction and clear compliance with contractual obligations. 

To order a general contracting service, leave a request on our company’s website.

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