Construction of elevators

We carry out the construction of elevators, as well as related functional facilities at a bargain price. Order the construction of elevators on a turnkey basis – from the design of the facility to commissioning.

Our company is engaged in the manufacture and installation of metal structures in Ukraine. We closely cooperate with enterprises of the agro-industrial complex of the country and have our own production facilities, concentrated at the plant in Brovary city with a total area of 7,000 m2, and a large raw material base. Our plant produces 450 tons of metal structures for various purposes every month.

Elevators construction technology

We perform a full range of construction works at the enterprise of the agro-industrial complex, purchase and installation of elevator equipment, automation services for grain terminals. The elevator is an agro-industrial complex facility, built according to advanced technologies and established safety requirements. The elevator complex includes a fully automated structure of technological and engineering systems for the effective solution of the problem of proper storage, high-quality processing of grain and seed stock of crops.

The construction of elevators on the turnkey basis is a multi-stage labor-intensive process, the implementation of which you should entrust to professionals with extensive experience and a clear understanding of the agro-industrial specifics. The project is expensive, so it is important to involve a team of designers, engineers, constructors and other specialized professionals. We have qualified personnel for the creation of technically complex projects in compliance with the agreed estimates and commissioning of facilities within the agreed period.

The construction of elevators on the turnkey basis involves several stages:

  1. Development of Terms of Reference. It takes into account the requirements for a specific object – the location of the elevator, remoteness from residential areas, heat sources and carriers, features of laying engineering communications, types of agricultural products to be stored, dried and processed.
  2. Selection of elevator equipment. At this stage, we draw up a plan for the placement of grain processing equipment and machinery, create a technological scheme and prepare a feasibility study for the use of the elevator. The price of elevator equipment depends on the type, manufacturer, brand, and performance and effects on the cost of construction of an object.
  3. Engineering of a construction project. Engineer of a construction project. At this stage, scientific research is carried out to obtain geodetic and geological data. Information is needed to select the type of foundation for specific soils, depending on soil stability. The engineering of fire safety systems takes place in accordance with the standards and requirements.
  4. Site preparation and foundation laying. At the same time, installation of power transformers, distribution cabinets, laying of communication systems, cables and pipes are being carried out.
  5. Construction and commissioning of the facility. At our plant, we manufacture metal structures used as the frame of the construction. Dimensions depend on the design dimensions of the elevator. We carry out the installation of load-bearing walls, roofs, internal partitions, carry out commissioning and testing of equipment.

The final stage is the commissioning of the facility to the customer. We guarantee that we will construct a new elevator in accordance with the construction schedule and estimates, applicable standards and requirements.

Engineering of elevators

Having extensive experience in the field of construction of various objects, we are sure that the engineering of elevators is the most important task. The future result of your business in the agricultural sector depends on a well-designed project. In order to implement the client’s technical task with high quality, our specialists go to the construction site, study the features of the territory and the elevator equipment that is available. When drawing up a project, all the requests of the client and a number of important nuances are taken into account:

  • features of the land plot (location, soil);
  • proximity to transport infrastructure and communications;
  • the amount of financing of the future facility;
  • economically reasonable list of equipment;
  • type and capacity of the granary;
  • flexibility and compactness of technological solutions.

The experienced managers, well acquainted with the specifics of the work manage the construction process. Specialist coordinates the activities of related subcontracting organizations and acts as our representative as the general contractor for the construction.

Elevator facilities can vary greatly in cost, depending on the technical and operational features, equipment, volumes of storage and processing of grain. A thorough analysis of many aspects by a team of specialists allows us to assess future expenses and optimize construction costs even at the design stage of the facility.

Construction of elevators in Ukraine

Our enterprise has been working in the sphere of agro-industrial construction for many years. We provide consulting assistance in choosing the most suitable place for construction of the future complex. It is recommended to build a granary close to road junctions and/or railway lines, but away from the residential area and direct competitors. Installation of the construction should be entrusted to the same company that develops the project. This eliminates gross errors in the construction work. Then the only one general contractor is responsible for the construction of the elevator, but not several companies.

Cooperation with us gives you the following benefits:

  • development and implementation of an economically feasible realistic project;
  • close interaction of the team of specialists with the client’s representatives;
  • implementation of works on the turnkey basis, including the complete set of the elevator with equipment;
  • compliance with and ahead of schedule of construction approved by the customer;
  • control of all stages of the technological process – from the preparation of the site to commissioning.

Our company will draw up a preliminary project of a new elevator according to the customer’s specifications so that you can assess the real cost of the facility and determine a financing program. To order a turnkey elevator construction service, leave a request on the website or use the feedback button, contact the operator in the chat. We will promptly respond to the request and make an appointment to agree on the details of cooperation.

Construction of elevators

Order the construction of elevators