Construction of industrial buildings and facilities

Our company performs the construction of industrial buildings and facilities from metal structures. During designing industrial buildings, our specialists calculate the possible loads on the beams, including dynamic ones, which occur during indoor works. We have a Metal Structure Plant in Brovary city, where we produce metal structures for the construction of industrial buildings. Our metal structures are not only of excellent quality, but also of increased resistance to corrosion. We have an extensive experience in the construction of industrial buildings, so you can order the construction of industrial buildings of any complexity on a turnkey basis: from standard to individual, with non-standard design.

Types of industrial buildings

Industrial buildings are large-sized facilities where production lines are located and conditions for the working process and the full-featured operation of the equipment are provided. Industrial facilities can be typical or unique, and consist of one or more objects. 

Our company offers the construction of industrial buildings for the following purposes:

  • production workshops;
  • technical buildings;
  • warehouses;
  • logistics complexes;
  • hangars and shelters;
  • energy complexes;
  • administrative facilities;
  • others.

We carry out the construction of industrial buildings in strict accordance with the regulation standards. Our buildings meet the requirements of fire safety, are able to withstand the loads that occur during the production process, and have an attractive appearance.

строительство промышленных зданий из металлоконструкций

Construction technology of industrial buildings

The construction of the industrial premises is fast: metal structures prefabricated at the factory are delivered to the construction site. Then a frame is assembled, on which, sandwich panels, sheets of corrugated board or other materials are fixed, depending on the purpose of the object.

The construction of industrial buildings and structures using this technology gives your business a number of advantages:

  • Fast construction. Buildings made of metal structures are prefabricated. Their creation requires much less time than the construction of similar objects of brick or concrete.
  • Payback. Construction costs are significantly reduced.
  • Stylish appearance. This is an important factor: the company’s image depends on the first impression.

We build one-story and two-story buildings. The price of construction of industrial buildings and facilities depends on the number of storeys and other parameters. We produce a one-story building by creating a structure with a column spacing of 6, 12, 18 or more meters. A six-meter column spacing will cost you less: a large number of load-bearing supports will reduce the cost of floor trusses, load-bearing beams. The roof of the object is made of light roofing materials (corrugated board, sandwich panels), which create an insignificant load on the supports.

Permission for the construction of industrial buildings is required only if you decide to install the building on the capital foundation and subsequently do not plan to dismantle the building. And when you plan to put a prefabricated structure on top of a concrete slab or a metal frame, then such a structure is considered temporary – no permit is required for construction work. As a result, you quickly get industrial premises and can start production.

The features of two-storey buildings are that they are always capital and are mounted on a solid reinforced concrete foundation. A large number of metal structures, reinforced beams to create a solid structural floor between floors – all this makes the structure heavier and precludes the possibility of simple mounting on a concrete slab. If you decide to build a workshop or an office building on two floors, then you definitely need to obtain permission to build industrial buildings.


Prefabricated industrial facilities we build are always reliable, aesthetic, functional and durable. We have an own Metal Structure Plant for the production of metal structures:

  • In the city of Brovary. The enterprise is located on an area of 7000 m2 and its productivity is 450 tons of metal products per month.

The whole process of creating elements of metal structures takes place on modern high-tech equipment under the supervision of qualified specialists. We process the finished products in a sandblasting chamber, then prime and coat with anti-corrosion paint, so all our products have a high resistance to oxidation.

Our own production and extensive experience in the construction of industrial buildings on the turnkey basis allows us to provide:

  • timely delivery of building materials;
  • short terms of construction of industrial facilities;
  • the ability to construct a building of any complexity;
  • high quality of works.

All metal structures produced by us undergo certification and have a quality guarantee. We work individually with each customer. When designing an object, we will fulfill all your wishes.

Construction of industrial buildings and structures in Ukraine

Here you can order the construction of industrial buildings on the turnkey basis. Entrusting all stages of the construction of a structure to one contractor will give you a number of advantages:

  • accurate execution of all stages of the project;
  • reduction of construction time;
  • cost saving;
  • quality control (we closely monitor each stage of construction and guarantee that all work will be performed with high quality).

Moreover, an additional plus: own production. We will produce all the necessary metal structures, taking into account the created project.

We start our work with the approval. Our specialists will carry out the design, make an estimate of all necessary work and building materials. During the engineering of industrial buildings, we take into account all the nuances: the location of doors and windows, whether gates are needed, what the load will be during and after the production process. When the estimate and the project are approved, we determine the construction time and payment methods.

Immediately after the approval of the project, terms of execution and payment, we proceed to the manufacture of metal structures. Our Metal Structure Plant has large production capacities, so we will quickly complete the manufacturing of metal structures in the required volume. We will deliver the finished structures to the construction site, carry out the installation and commission the finished facility.

We have been working on the Ukrainian market for a long time, and our customers already appreciate the quality of our services. You can find examples of our work in the Portfolio.

Construction of industrial buildings and facilities

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