Construction of hangars

The “Pulsar Construction” company performs the engineering and construction of hangars in Kyiv city and Ukraine on a turnkey basis. Hangars made of metal structures are needed in a variety of spheres of economic activity: aviation, agriculture and farming, transport, trade, repair and storage services.

Hangars are light prefabricated structures adapted for placement of items and performing of works. “Pulsar-Construction” company has extensive experience in the construction of hangars. We have our own plant:

  • in the city of Brovary, with an area of 7000 sq. m, and monthly capacity of 450 tons.

Such industrial providing with equipment allows us to fulfill unique orders particularly quickly.

Types of construction of hangars

пример каркаса склада из металлоконструкций

“Pulsar Construction” company builds hangars from metal structures of all types:

  • flat-sided hangars;
  • tent-type hangars;
  • arched hangars;
  • canopies;
  • tent hangars;
  • insulated hangars.

Flat-sided models with  plane roof are among the most versatile and easy to manufacture. The number of floors of such buildings can reach up to three floors and they can be of any dimensions. Suitable for pavilions, warehouses, offices, granaries, transport placement. Sandwich panels are used for insulation.

The construction of tent-type hangars is characterized by a duo-pitch structure. This type of outbuildings is optimal for production and agricultural needs (cowsheds, storage of grain, agricultural products, etc.). Insulation is recommended with polyurethane foam.

Arched hangars are particularly stable due to their design. This is an ideal option for greenhouses, industrial workshops, parking lots of large equipment, including aircraft.

Metal canopies are often used in animal husbandry to protect livestock, as well as to improve parking lots. Possible designs:

  • domed;
  • appentice;
  • duo-pitch.

Metal sheets and structures are covered with anti-corrosion coating. The facility withstands even difficult weather conditions for many years.

Tent hangars are mounted and demounted in the shortest possible time. Their installation does not require expertise and permits. The structures can withstand high wind and snow loads, and are fireproof. Service life up to 15 years.

Insulated hangars save energy resources and reliably protect from bad weather. The insulation is quickly mounted, firmly held on the metal walls, does not increase the weight of the structure, protects the room from freezing, dampness, mold formation.

 Insulated hangars save energy resources and reliably protect against bad weather. The insulation is quickly mounted, firmly held on the metal walls, does not weigh down the structure, protects the room from freezing, dampness, mold formation.

You can order from us the construction of an insulated hangar or the insulation of an already built one.

Hangar construction technology

With all the external simplicity, a modern hangar is a technically complex structure. The following technologies are used for construction:

  • frame;
  • frameless.

A frame hangar is a capital building that has a foundation, a frame, and enclosing structures.

Construction of frame hangars includes the following stages:

  • problem statement, estimated cost calculation;
  • project development, budgeting, price approval;
  • planning on the ground;
  • delivery of building materials, manufacturing of metal structures, start of building;
  • foundation construction;
  • mounting of structural elements and enclosing structures;
  • installation of communications;
  • commissioning of the object.

Frameless technology does not require a metal frame, so such hangars are built faster and their cost is lower. To build such a hangar, less steps are required:



  • the customer sets the task;
  • we develop the project, the customer approves it;
  • planning on the ground, delivery of materials;
  • construction of a hangar;
  • installation of additional equipment, communications;
  • commissioning.

The use of these technologies allows you to fully meet the needs for the construction of hangars on the territory of Ukraine for branches such as industry, transport, trade, agriculture, logistics, and the entertainment industry.

Construction of hangars on a turnkey basis

The manufacture of hangars in Kyiv city and Ukraine is one of the main activities of the “Pulsar Construction” company. Our company’s specialists work individually with each client, developing the most profitable and reliable solutions, selecting the most suitable materials.

Due to the presence of our own plant, we can not only offer standard designs, but also create individual projects that are 100% consistent with customer requirements.

Order the construction of hangars at the “Pulsar Construction” company and you can be sure that you will get the highest quality, quick and economical implementation of your project.

Construction of hangars

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