Construction of shopping centers

The construction of the shopping centers in Ukraine has gained a large scope. The start-up of a successful business activity is often involves the construction of commercial real estate. The need for it is due to the paying capacity of the end consumer, as well as the desire of retailers and small shops to provide themselves with a flow of customers. 

Design and construction of shopping centers

The construction of a shopping center is not only the choice of a contractor, but also the determination of a good place through which a large client flow will pass.

In addition to developing, buying or leasing land for the future shopping and entertainment center, investors still need to obtain permits. Shopping centers are among the objects with increased responsibility, so the list of requirements for them is very wide.

The “Pulsar Construction” company offers professional services for the design and construction of shopping centers and shops. Our staff is highly qualified specialists capable of completing any project.

Проектирование и строительство торговых центров

Shopping center construction project

We will ensure that the important details are taken into account:

  • collected initial data for the project;
  • received documentation for the start of construction;
  • optimized financial aspects;
  • the ideal project is developed according to your requests.

We will create an individual project of the shopping center, the design of which will take into account security measures for visitors, the comfort and convenience of the location of points of sale, as well as your personal wishes.

Before the final delivery of the project, all the details will be agreed with you, including the estimate, in which prices are fixed once. We carry out work on the turnkey basis, you just have to accept the finished building.

The construction of the shopping and entertainment center is carried out using the technology of modular construction of buildings. In this way, it is possible to erect a prefabricated shopping center in the shortest possible time – and this is at a low cost.

Turnkey shopping center

We provide a comprehensive range of services. In addition to the preliminary development of the project, we will manufacture, deliver and undertake the installation of metal structures.

We have a plant in Brovary city. It is equipped with high quality and technological equipment. The plant covers an area of 7,000 square meters and produces 450 tons of metal structures every month. The company has modern European equipment, operated by qualified specialists, which makes our products competitive and high quality. Such monthly volumes allow us to always fulfill our obligations to customers on time.

Our metal structures are the best construction materials for the construction of shopping and entertainment centers. Their reliability, lightness, ease of installation and durability cannot be exceed by any other building materials. 

The construction of a shopping and entertainment center from metal structures combines speed and low price with excellent quality of the end result. We offer you a shopping center construction service on the turnkey basis. In addition to the installation of metal structures, we are ready to solve issues with:

  • internal and external finishing;
  • wiring inside the premises: wiring, switches, sockets, lamps;
  • insulation;
  • installation of doors and windows.

The construction market of Kyiv city is saturated with worthy offers from various companies regarding the construction of the shopping mall. However, with us, you get more advantages:

  • completion of each stage of work clearly in time;
  • engineering and coordinating the plan of the future building based on your request;
  • inexpensive and high-quality materials of our own production.

Our specialists are confident in the quality of each project developed and implemented. And you get the opportunity to immediately start making money on your shopping center.

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