Construction of sport buildings and facilities

Rapidly developing urban infrastructure requires a large number of modern facilities for sports. The construction company “Pulsar-Construction” has an extensive experience in engineering and installing high-quality structures in Ukraine at a budget price.

Sports buildings and facilities

The construction of large-sized capital brick buildings is associated with certain difficulties and significant costs, which pay off very slowly. The construction of sports buildings and facilities using frame technology allows you to quickly mount:

  • gyms;
  • indoor  swimming pools;
  • tennis courts;
  • ice rinks;
  • volleyball, football, basketball arenas;
  • fitness clubs;
  • horse arenas;
  • sports and physical culture complexes.

Construction of sport buildings and facilities

Sports facilities made of prefabricated structures are distinguished by:

  • high ceilings;
  • huge areas;
  • complex wall and roof layout;
  • inability to use supporting columns;
  • special strength and stability of metal elements and assemblies.

The construction of such objects is based on a light metal frame, manufactured at the own Metal Structure Plant of “Pulsar Construction” company. Large production area of 7000 sq. m is located in Brovary city and produces 450 tons of metal structures monthly.

The creation of a metal frame begins with engineering of design. At this stage, our engineers carefully calculate the strength and resistance of the structure to adverse conditions, as well as possible seismic activity.

The elements are connected by welding, primed, painted or galvanized for additional protection against corrosion, and are tested for durability. Certification confirms product quality.

If necessary, our company will carefully deliver a complex structure in disassembled form to your facility. Installers need to assemble it with special bolts.

строительство зданий спортивного назначения

Construction of sports buildings

A small pre-fabricated building for a bowling center, a billiard club or an outdoor stadium is built using modular technology or a metal frame. At the design stage, a plan for future communications is created – hot and cold water supply, ventilation system, heating, electrical wiring, etc.

If you need high-quality construction of sports buildings in a short time, use the projects developed by our company. You provide the terms of reference – we solve the problem in accordance with Building Codes and Regulations.

Construction of sports facilities

Do you plan to build a large sports and health complex that combines several functions? We will create a complex project and turn it into reality from a drawing to a complete installation. Qualified engineers will plan the functionality of the object according to your wishes and design the necessary communications.

The time of production and the cost of metal structures required for construction depends on the complexity of the construction and the workload of the plant lines. We have been engaged in the production of metal objects for a long time, therefore we guarantee compliance with the delivery time specified in the contract.

The construction of sports facilities on a turnkey basis with the “Pulsar-Construction” company allows you to save the budget. Our professionals create unique buildings for your business.

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