Construction of car dealership

If you are thinking about development your car business to a more serious scope, the next step will be to build an auto center. The modern building of the car dealership is high-tech and stylish. In addition, it is necessary that its functionality should be thought out to the smallest detail. Our “Pulsar Construction” company employs specialists with extensive experience in the design and building of such facilities.

Car dealership design

The construction of car dealerships includes not only the choice of a contractor, but also the careful design of the building. Here it is necessary to take into account the diversity of premises. In addition to the showroom, the car center should have:

  • premises for staff – for work and for recreation;
  • technical and warehouse premises;
  • meeting rooms;
  • waiting areas for customers.

If you want to escalate your business, you can make additional premises for a service station and a car wash.

“Pulsar Construction” specialists can offer original design solutions taking into account the corporate identity of your brand. In addition, we are engaged in the manufacture, delivery of materials and the construction of the building.

строительство автосалона

Construction technology of car dealership

The development of the car dealership project is carried out in stages:

  1. We draw up a sketch and coordinate it with you.
  2. We evaluate the land plot on which construction is planned: topographic survey, land samples.
  3. After discussing all the details, we give you a finished project with a fixed estimate and all the working documentation.
  4. If you are satisfied with everything, then we sign the documents, and we get to work.

We offer work on an individual basis. All questions on earthworks, foundation and construction you decide directly with us. Therefore, you do not need to apply to several different companies.

After completion of all works, we will hand over the building in excellent technical condition and ready for use, including removing all construction waste. That is, you can come, inspect the building, sign all documents on its acceptance and immediately start work.

The car dealership building must withstand heavy loads, as well as comply with fire and sanitary standards. We integrate a modern security and fire extinguishing system into the building structure.

The cost of our work consists of a number of factors:

  • features of the site under construction;
  • volume of earthworks;
  • complexity of the design of the car dealership and partitions inside the building;
  • finishing.

In addition, car dealerships are usually equipped with a large number of windows. We will calculate and include in the plan the cost of large-scale glazing. At the same time, you will not need any extra costs, we minimize them by choosing high-quality materials at an affordable price. We also provide landscaping services.

Turnkey construction of car dealership

We provide a complex of services. We carry out designing taking into account modern technologies of modular construction of buildings.

The building consists of four stages:

  • floors;
  • frame;
  • partitions;
  • roof.

Concrete floors are poured on the ground treated before. They are multi-layered. Each layer has its own function and is poured from a specific material.

We offer metal structures as the main building material for the frame. We manufacture them at our plant. “Pulsar Construction” owns a plant for the production of metal structures in Brovary city. Our plant is running flawlessly. Plant area amounts to 7000 sq. m and it produces 450 tons of metal structures per month.

Our plant is tooled up with the latest equipment operated by qualified personnel. This makes our products high quality and competitive in price in the Ukrainian market. The total volume of production per month is 450 tons. Such capacities allow us to timely fulfill our obligations to customers.

Metal structures are the best option for the construction of car dealerships, because they are:

  • reliable;
  • lightweight;
  • have a long service life;
  • easily mounted.

The last point is especially important. Constructions built from these materials are classified as prefabricated.

Metal structures are made of various materials: alloy, carbon, stainless steel or a lightweight metal alloy, cast iron and aluminum. We will consider all the nuances and determine which material is best suited for the construction of your car center.

Partitions inside the showroom and the walls are sheathed with high-quality sandwich panels of domestic and foreign manufacturers. The metal structures and sandwich panels involved in the construction are relatively light in weight. This reduces the cost of the foundation.

As for the roof, it is also assembled from several layers in order to retain heat in the room as much as possible.

Advantages of our prefabricated buildings:

  • short construction period;
  • no space restrictions;
  • good thermal insulation and fire resistance;
  • due to the strength of the foundation and the low weight of the structure, the building does not shrink, accordingly, there is no possibility of damage of the glazing.

As a rule, the cost of construction of a prefabricated building is 40% lower than that of a capital building.

After the construction is completed, our specialists will carry out turnkey works. They include:

  • internal and external finishing of the building, according to the design agreed with you;
  • electrical mounting: wiring, switches, lamps, sockets;
  • heat insulation;
  • door installation;
  • land improvements of the territory, if it is implied by the project documentation.

In addition to the above, demonstration stands are required for the sale of cars. It is more convenient for the buyer when the car is standing on the podium. This makes visual inspection easier. Moreover, cars standing on a dais attract more attention, as they stand out from the common row.

The construction market of Ukraine is full of offers of various construction firms. But we invite you to cooperation and guarantee:

  • work clearly on time under the contract;
  • development of a project plan and its coordination with you;
  • turnkey ready-made salon.

We are proud of each of our new projects, and our extensive experience will allow us to build a car dealership that can be opened and put into operation immediately. In this way, it will bring a quick return of the invested funds and profit to its owner. You can order a free preliminary calculation of the cost of work from us.

“Pulsar Construction” company is engaged not only in the construction of car dealerships, but also of industrial buildings, shopping centers, agricultural and other industrial premises.

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