Construction of offices and business centers

For any business activity, it is necessary to have a special space for working of employees of the company or enterprise, concluding transactions, storing and processing documents. Construction of offices is required for all business areas. Therefore, it is important to choose the right contractor who will quickly erect a comfortable beautiful building, competently plan office space.

Design and construction of offices

Prefabricated offices are very popular. Metal structures in combination with sandwich panels and other materials for walls and roofing are used for the construction.

The construction of business centers and offices always begins with design of the project. In the project, the following are always considering:

  • The construction features of the building. It can be a separate building or a part of a building, where the remaining area can accommodate the main production.
  • The number of floors. Two-story buildings always require laying a solid foundation, so construction of a two-story office building begins with a permit. One-story buildings can be stationary or mobile. The latter are installed on a lightweight concrete slab. If necessary, they can be demounted and moved to a new location. Temporary offices are not recognized as real estate objects – their construction does not require a permit.
  • The type of foundation. Not only the weight of the structure, but also the nature of the soil influences on it.
  • The internal layout. A sketch of the premises is drawn up with the indication of supporting and auxiliary metal structures.

The project, made taking into account all the features, will help you correctly draw up a construction estimate and calculate the amount of necessary materials. Competent engineering will ensure the rapid construction of an office center and will minimize the occurrence of unexpected expenses.

The construction of business centers follows a similar pattern. After drawing up the project, the estimate and work plan are approved, and then the construction of the structure begins.

Строительство бизнес-центров и офисов под ключ, выгодная стоимость строительства бизнес-центра

Turnkey construction of office buildings

Our company is located in Kyiv city and offers the customers from Ukraine the construction of office centers on the turnkey basis. The service includes:

  • design engineering;
  • complete set of construction;
  • construction of a building;
  • connection of communication systems;
  • interior and exterior finishes.

If you entrust all construction stages to the one contractor, you can be sure that all construction stages will be carried out in compliance with the terms specified in the contract, there will be no forced downtime due to untimely delivery of building materials.

We have our own production facility in Ukraine – Metal Structure Plant. It is located in Brovary city and covers an area of 7000 m2, producing 450 tons of metal products monthly.

Our own production of prefabricated metal structures allows us to ensure uninterrupted supply of building materials to the facility, and save you costs. The cost of goods from the manufacturer is lower, so you get high quality products at the most loyal prices.

Cooperation with us is profitable and convenient. We have extensive experience in this sphere and can quickly construct an office building of any complexity. You can make an application by phone or by filling out the form on the website. We will be happy to help you in the construction of an office or business center.

Construction of offices and business centers