Construction of warehouses

In the process of any production, it is necessary to have warehouses and storage complexes where raw materials and finished products will be stored. The construction of the warehouse begins almost immediately after the construction of the production workshop or simultaneously with it. One of the available options we offer is the creating your own modular design, which provides the possibility of receiving, storing and shipping of materials. Our company has an extensive experience in the design and construction of warehouses on the turnkey basis.

Construction stages of warehouses and storage facilities

Engineering of the warehouse project  is an important stage. The start of the construction of the warehouse is impossible without it. When drawing up a project, the engineers take into account the height of the ceiling, the total area of ​​the room, the need to install additional equipment (refrigeration units, compressors, etc.) and the presence of load-bearing columns inside the building. Our specialists take into consideration the distance of the object from industrial buildings, the road access and the climate at the site of construction.

After the features are taken into account, the project is drawn up and approved, we start the construction of the warehouse. It consists of the following steps:
каркас склада из металлоконструкций


  1. Preparatory and earthworks;
  2. Creation of the foundation for construction;
  3. Construction of a frame from metal structures;
  4. Sheathing of walls and roofs, installation of doors and windows;
  5. Internal finishing.

Walls and roofing are made of sandwich panels and/or corrugated board. If a refrigerated warehouse is being built on a turnkey basis, then the facility can be used after installing partitions inside, conducting electricity and other communications.

When a thermo-storage for materials is needed, we additionally insulate the roof, facade and walls and supply heating. The need of insulation depends on what will be stored in the warehouse. If it is a hangar or a facility for storage of inert materials, you can do without insulation and a heating system. However, when additional installation of equipment is required or products may be subject to damage due to the influence of sub-zero temperatures, it is worth insulating the facade and roof.

Our company offers services for the construction of warehouses and storage facilities on the turnkey basis:

  • warehouses for storing various types of products (pharmaceutical, food, vegetables and fruits, building materials, etc.);
  • hangars;
  • logistics complexes;
  • terminals;
  • rooms for freezers;
  • open storages (under canopies);
  • trading warehouses.

A warehouse should be built from metal structures using modular technologies, as they are presentable, convenient and functional. They meet all operating requirements.

строительство складских комплексов под ключ

Our advantages in the construction of a warehouse complex

Our company has long been working in the Ukrainian market. Confirmation of quality and reliability of our services is a lot of warehouses and logistics centers we constructed in Kyiv city and Kyiv region.

We have a production plant where we perform the manufacturing of metal structures. This is a Metal Structure Plant in Brovary city, which covers an area of 7000 sq. m. and produces 450 tons of metal products per month.

Our own production allows us to accurately carry out any, even non-standard projects and ensure that all metal structures we create are of high quality and are reliably protected from corrosion.

When you order the construction of a turnkey warehouse from us, we guarantee:

  • fast construction of the building;
  • low price for construction works;
  • presentable view inside and outside the building;
  • the ability, depending on the purpose of the premises, to place inside any equipment and communications;
  • independence from the season (you can build from metal structures even during severe frost).

Due to our own production, we can offer metal structures at a cost below the market, and this will provide you with a favorable price for the construction of warehouses. The cost of building the warehouse on the turnkey basis will depend on the class of the facility, the quantity and type of building materials, and a number of other factors.

Construction of warehouses in Ukraine

Order the turnkey construction of a warehouse in our company, because when you entrust us all the construction stages, you will get the following benefits:

  • acceleration of construction;
  • timely delivery of building materials;
  • coordination of work at all stages.

Before starting to build a warehouse, we create a project taking into account your requirements and features of the operation of the facility. Design engineering allows us to calculate the load on the supports, determine the characteristics and quantity of the required metal structures, and create an estimate. After you approve the project and estimate, we agree on the terms for the construction of the warehouse and proceed to the construction.

Construction of warehouses

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