Construction of granaries

Grain hangars are always subject to high requirements for humidity and temperature conditions inside. These parameters are calculated already at the engineering stage of the granary.

The construction of granaries on the turnkey basis provides for the development of the system and the introduction of modern equipment to create optimal conditions for the automated drying process of grain crops.


Therefore, the first and most important stage is designing. It is necessary to consider all the details, think over the heating and heat removal system and use an efficient ventilation system. When developing a project for a warehouse for storing grain, it is also worth considering the type of grain mass and the duration of its storage. This will allow taking into account all types of equipment and calculating transport lines and loading / unloading areas.


Principal purposes of the granary:

  • Protection from negative weather conditions;
  • Prevention of the occurrence of conditions favorable for the development of the fungus;
  • Isolation of products from the ingress of groundwater;
  • Isolation of products from birds and rodents.


The main advantages of buildings from metal structures are speed and cost. Prefabricated warehouses for grain are on 25-45% cheaper than capital buildings due to a reduction in general construction costs.

The grain hangar can be installed on piled or shallow foundations, so there is no need to involve heavy equipment and speed up the installation of metal structures in several times, and taking into account the production at our metal structure plant, delays in deliveries and downtime can be avoided.

The most popular type of grain storage is a floor storage. This is a one-story building with sloping floors providing efficient grain storage.


  • short construction time;
  • on 25-45% cheaper;
  • the possibility of construction all the year round;
  • no need to wait for acceptable weather conditions;
  • long service life (up to 35 years);
  • the ability to demount and move the warehouse to another location;
  • cladding with sandwich panels provides thermal insulation;
  • possibility to build a prefabricated constructions in areas of seismic activity;
  • minimum costs for maintenance and operation.


When concluding a contract, our company analyzes the geological conditions at the construction site and proceeds to the following list of works:


  • preparation of the construction site;
  • design of Metal Construction Drawings and Detailed Metal Construction Drawings;
  • manufacturing of metal structures at our plant;
  • earthworks and preparation of the foundation;
  • delivery and mounting of metal structures;
  • installation of internal partitions (if necessary);
  • wall cladding with approved materials;
  • roofing;
  • checking the optimal conditions inside the warehouse;
  • equipping the facility with the necessary equipment;
  • preparation of a package of documentation and commissioning.

The specialists of “Pulsar Construction” company work with each client individually, developing the most cost-effective and reliable solutions, selecting the most suitable materials.

Due to the presence of our own Metal Construction Plant, we can not only offer standard constructions, but also create individual projects that for 100% meet the requirements of the customer.

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