Construction of the agro-industrial complex

Our company will carry out the construction of agro-industrial complex at our own production facilities. We work on the basis of a plant located in Brovary city, with an area of 7000 m2 with a capacity of 450 tons of metal structures per month. We will complete the customer’s order as soon as is practicable, regardless of the complexity and scope of work.

The agro-industrial complex is an attractive sector of the economy. There are increased requirements for the design and construction of functional agricultural buildings and structures. We create turnkey agro-industrial facilities – from design preparation to mounting and commissioning. 

Spheres of the agro-industrial complex

Agro-industrial complexes are a set of buildings for special purposes for the production and processing of agricultural products with subsequent transportation and sale to the final consumer. The agricultural industry includes:

  • cowshed, rabbitry, pig farm, sheepfold;
  • poultry farm;
  • slaughterhouse;
  • meat processing plant, dairy;
  • granary, hangar, elevator.

Each building and structure is designed in accordance with the established standards and requirements in force in all spheres of agro-industrial complex. These include three main sectors:

  • industry that provides agriculture with the equipment of production (tractors, harvesters), biotechnological and chemical raw materials (mineral fertilizers, compound animal feedstuff);
  • agricultural sector – crop and livestock production, which are the main source of production;
  • processing sector – industries providing procurement, processing, storage, transportation of agricultural raw materials.

Our company can build any agro-industrial complex using high-quality materials and leading technologies in the field of industrial engineering.

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Designing of agro-industrial complexes

Our company “Pulsar-Construction” employs highly qualified specialists capable of providing a full range of services. Our goal is to complete the customer’s task within the agreed period, adhering to the project and construction time.

The design of agro-industrial complexes and the construction of facilities takes place in several stages:

  1. Preparation of documentation, the main project and cost estimates with the participation of the customer, taking into account the characteristics of the countryside and the purpose of the building.
  2. Preparation – clearing of the land plot for construction site using special equipment.
  3. Construction of the foundation with structural reinforcement, communications supply, building walls and partitions, roofing.
  4. Installation of fire safety system and of equipment for the performance of technological process of production.
  5. Testing facilities for compliance with standards and regulations.
  6. Commissioning of the facility to the customer.

 The design of agro-industrial facilities should be trusted to specialists, since the further operation of the building and the development of your business depend on the correct preparation of drawings, compliance with installation rules and safety requirements.

Construction of agro-industrial complex

Our extensive production capacity enables us to build facilities in record time. The company employs qualified personnel, the production cycle is established, and each metal structure is made of quality materials. Advantages of cooperation with us:

  • fulfillment of the order on a turnkey basis;
  • compliance with deadlines and estimates;
  • implementation of complex projects;
  • reasonable cost of services.

It is very easy to place an order for the construction of agro-industrial complex – leave a request on the website and wait for a call back.

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