Construction of logistics complexes

The difference between a logistics complex and a warehouse is that the logistics center not only stores products, but also additionally processes, sorts, and prepares supporting documents. The construction of a logistics center is necessary for retail chains and companies involved in cargo transportation. A modern logistics center is an important infrastructure that will help to correctly distribute the supply of goods and increase profits.

Project of the logistics complex

Any construction starts with design and calculations. Our task is to make the constructed logistics infrastructure work as quickly and efficiently as possible. When designing the logistics complex, we consider the following features:

проект строительства логистического комплекса

  • the nature of the cargo to be stored in the warehouse;
  • the possibility of using forklifts to move goods inside the warehouse and loading onto vehicles;
  • access routes for vehicles to speed up loading and unloading;
  • ancillary office space for staff;
  • security infrastructure placement;
  • the need for parking space for trucks awaiting loading or unloading.

Our company has an extensive experience in this sphere. The project of a logistics warehouse created by us will ensure the convenience of loading and unloading, and will allow to speed up the processing and sorting of goods over a large area of storage with the help of additional equipment.

Stages of construction of logistics centers

After the engineering and approval of the project, we proceed to construction works. The construction of warehouses and logistics centers takes place according to the same technology, including several stages:

  • clearing of the territory and earthworks;
  • pouring of the foundation;
  • erection of the main frame from metal structures;
  • facade and roof installation;
  • connection of the central power supply and other communication systems;
  • insulation of the building.

логистический комплекс

Differences in construction arise during internal work. Logistics centers are large buildings containing warehouses, offices for employees, and loading and unloading centers. We install internal walls and partitions, carry out interior finishing according to the plan.


Our company has its own Metal Structure Plant for the production of metal structures. It is located in Brovary city and covers an area of 7000 m2, it produces 450 tons of various metal products every month. Our workshops are tooled up with modern technological equipment, and qualified personnel monitor all stages of the production process.

If you entrust us the construction of logistics complexes from metal structures, you will receive a number of advantages:

  • fast and high-quality construction in a short time;
  • high level of fire safety;
  • reducing the cost of construction;
  • reduction of heating costs (sandwich panels used by us in construction have excellent thermal insulation);
  • mobility (metal structures are installed on a lightweight foundation – if necessary, they can be easily demounted and then installed in a new location).

It is possible to build a prefabricated object at any time of the year. Metal structures and sandwich panels do not shrink, so installation in wet or frosty weather will not affect the quality and durability of the facility.

Construction of a logistics complex

большой логистический комплекс

Our company offers business organizations in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine, the service of building logistics centers on a turnkey basis. By entrusting all stages of construction work to our company, you can get a number of advantages:

  • detailed calculations for metal structures and the bearing foundation, taking into account the characteristics of the soil;
  • accurate compliance with all stages of the project;
  • reduction of the price of building materials (we produce and sell metal structures without intermediaries, so we do not make price-gouging);
  • guarantee of quality;
  • short construction time.

We begin our work with engineering a project, which reflects all your wishes and features of your activity, and finish with the commissioning of a facility ready for operation. We build with high quality and in the shortest possible period. If you contact our company, you can be sure that you will quickly get into operation a reliable logistics complex that will look attractive from the inside and out.

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