Sheet metalworking

Metal sheets are a common type of building materials. Sheet metalworking using various tools makes it possible to quickly obtain the required number of blanks, which are then used in the manufacture of metal structures, in mechanical engineering and in other industries. Modern technologies allow almost complete automation of the metalworking process and increase its accuracy. CNC with coordinate software makes corrections to the production process, reducing the risks of error when creating various metal products.

чпу станок для резки металла

Sheet metal processing services

Our company offers residents of Kyiv and all Ukraine services for sheet metal processing. We select the technology taking into account the thickness of the sheet material, the features of the metal and the required result. Here you can order the following types of services:

  • Bending. For this purpose, specialized rolling and sheet bending machines are used. The method allows bending sheet flexible material at different angles and obtaining products of even complex irregular shapes: square pipes, channels, and much more. Step-by-step processing allows making complex bends. Step processing allows you to make complex bends. The advantage of the manufacturing method is the lack of a seam. This increases the strength and tightness of the product.
  • Cutting. Thin sheet can be cut with metal shears. But cutting manually takes a lot of time and is inefficient for large order volumes. Professional equipment is used for cutting of thick sheet metal. It can be a milling machine, devices for plasma or laser material processing. In addition, with the help of a laser or plasma, holes of any configuration inside the workpiece are cut.
  • Drilling. A manual puncher is used – with a drill, you can quickly make the required number of holes or notches into the parts. But this method is suitable for metal of small thickness. On thick sheets, small-diameter holes are drilled using perforated molds on a lathe. The designs consist of a stud, a matrix and a head. Perforation occurs by pushing a pin through the matrix. For holes with a diameter of 20-150 mm, it will be advisable to use a tsifenbor. The nozzle, outwardly similar to a punch drill, allows you to make holes of the desired size.
  • Welding. The use of the welding machine allows you to get beautiful strong seams that ensure good leak tightness of the product.
  • Finishing. Post-processing involves grinding the metal, stripping the edges of the waves and burrs, priming and painting.

Our company offers aluminum, carbon steel, tin, stainless steel and other material processing services.

We have a plant located in the city of Brovary on the territory of 7000 m2 and produce 450 tons of rolled metal monthly. Own capacities and availability of raw material base allow us to do the work in a short time.

We can also offer preliminary preparation of the material for processing. Despite the presence of packaging or clamps, the sheets may be damaged during transportation and lose their presentation. It becomes impossible to fix them on a lathe or any other machine, and then send them for processing. To do this, the sheet must be beaded or aligned with a press. The result is a smooth blank. The cutting process or other types of processing are carried out extremely accurately.

After studying the price list, you can get acquainted with the nature of our services and prices. We have indicated the estimated cost, which may vary slightly depending on the order, but we have affordable prices for all types of high-quality metalworking.

You can leave a request for metal processing by calling the phone or filling out the form on the site. We work fast, high-quality and inexpensive. In addition to metalworking we offer to order a wide range of services: manufacture of various metal structures, design and construction. Our own production enables us to provide various types of services quickly and inexpensively.

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