Plasma cutting

The flow of air and gases heated to enormous temperatures turns into a plasma and is capable of cutting even thick metal sheets with high accuracy and speed. Plasma cutting today is the most technologically advanced method of creating metal blanks. All work is carried out automatically on CNC machines with digital control, which guarantees rapid production and high accuracy.

Plasma cutting products

Using plasma, even very thick sheets of metal can be cut, creating products with complex geometry. Plasma cutting of metal may be necessary in various situations:

  • Creation of artworks. Details of an openwork fence, complex shapes, a beautifully decorated house number, canopies over the front door – this is just a small list of what can be made using plasma cutting. By contrast with conventional forging, cutting with a laser cutter is faster, and the drawing is more accurate and elegant.
  • Manufacture of parts and blanks. Compared to laser or other types of cutting, the plasma cutter practically does not leave dross, roughness and burrs, and the high precision of manufacturing in accordance with the drawing allows the workpiece to be used almost immediately for further production. The technology is often used in the creation of metal structures, spare parts for machinery and in many other industries where it is necessary to quickly obtain products with precise configuration.

The advantage of plasma cutting is that you don’t have to start cutting from the edge of the sheet. The plasma escaping from the nozzle easily burns holes in the material of any thickness. This allows you to make the necessary cutouts in art products or in parts for various purposes.

Plasma cutting of metal

The working principle of a plasma cutter can be schematically described as follows:

  • The compressor pressurizes the burner with an oxygen or gas-oxygen mixture. The choice of gas depends on the nature of the sheet material: the gas composition for carbon steel will differ from that used for stainless steel.
  • Under the action of an electric current, the gas mixture is almost instantly heated to high temperatures, and hot plasma escapes from the nozzle.
  • A narrowly directed plasma beam cuts metal with high precision. Finished products created in this way practically do not need further processing.

The use of a plasma cutting machine has a number of advantages compared to laser or oxygen cutting:

  • The ability to cut metal with a thickness of 0.8 to 32 mm.
  • Suitable for almost all types of raw materials. The plasma cutter can cut non-ferrous metal, aluminum, carbon and stainless steel.
  • Additional processing is not required. There are no sags and other defects on the cuts of the finished product, which often occur with other cutting methods.
  • Cutting shapes of any complexity. The complexity of the pattern does not affect the manufacturing accuracy.
    The ability to cut not only according to drawings, but also according to sketches or drawings. The latter often happens when you need to create decorative elements, and only drawings are used for production blanks. Strict adherence to the project allows you to cut the part with an error of up to 0.1 mm.
  • No warping due to high temperatures. The beam heats only the cut line, and the temperature in adjacent areas practically does not increase.

Portal laser devices are the most widely used today. The machine works at a high speed. It can perform pattern cutting not only in a straight line, but also along rounded or curved lines. This is a professional equipment with digital programs, which is installed at the metalworking enterprises of Ukraine.

плазменная резка металла

Plasma cutting of metal to order

Our company offers services of plasma cutting of metal in Kyiv city and throughout Ukraine. We will provide:

  • production of any types of metal blanks;
  • cutting in strict accordance with the drawing or sketch;
  • maximum material savings (when cutting out elements, there will be a minimum number of trimmings).

You can approximately find out how much laser cutting costs by studying the price list of services.

  • The complexity of the work. The non-standard configuration does not affect the accuracy, but more time will be spent on cutting complex products.
  • The nature of the material. The technologies used for aluminum are different from those used for carbon steel.
  • Sheet thickness.

You can find out exactly what price per meter of processing, by contacting our company. Our specialists will evaluate all the nuances, carry out calculations and report the exact prices per meter of material. You can place an order by calling the numbers indicated on the site or by leaving an electronic application. If you choose the second option, our operators will contact you as soon as possible, clarify the nature of the work and place an order.

We have our own metalworking plant in Brovary city, with an area of 7000 m2, producing 450 tons of various metal products every month.

In addition to plasma cutting, you can order from us other types of metalworking and manufacturing of metal structures. All products manufactured by us are processed in a sandblasting chamber, where they are cleaned of corrosion and dirt, and after such cleaning, even scrap metal will look attractive. As a result, you get finished elements that exactly match the drawing, which can be used immediately for construction, decoration or other areas (depending on the nature of the order).

Cooperating with us is convenient and profitable. Our own production facilities allow us to work as quickly and productively as possible and at the same time set loyal prices for services.

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