Painting of metal structures

Painting of metal products not only gives them an aesthetic appearance, but also significantly extends the service life. Painting of metal structures protects the metal from the negative effects of weather conditions, slows down the occurrence of corrosion. To obtain a good result, it is important not only to choose the paint for metal, but also to apply it correctly. Our company “Pulsar Construction” provides painting services on professional equipment.

Painting of metal structures consists of three important stages:

  • preparing of metal structures for painting;
  • priming;
  • coloring.

The quality and durability of the decorative and protective coating depends on how well the surface is prepared for painting.

The “Pulsar Construction” company has an individual approach to painting each metal product. Before starting work, we evaluate the condition of the metal structure, assess the condition of the old coating and the need for its removal, the degree of contamination and the need for degreasing. After evaluating all the characteristics of the object, we select processing and painting methods. This approach to business allows you to get an excellent result.

Preparing steel structures for painting

A metal structure located outside is exposed to wind and precipitation, dust and dirt settle on it, and rust appears in some places. If you apply a paint-and-lacquer material on such a base, then the adhesion will be fragile – the paint will soon begin to peel off. To prepare the base you need to:

  • Remove traces of corrosion. Small metal products can be cleaned manually using a metal brush or sandpaper. But if a metal structure has a large height and dimensions, then manual processing will take a lot of time. We use industrial sandblasting equipment that allows you to quickly remove traces of metal rust.
  • Clear of contaminants. Dust and dirt will disturb the adhesion of the paint to the base, so the product must be cleaned. Washing of small elements is carried out using water and detergents, for large ones we use industrial dedusting.
  • Degreasing. This step is not always performed. It is necessary to degrease if painting will be done by immersion in a bath, or if there are oil stains on the metal surface.

Whether to remove the old paintwork depends on its durability. To test adhesion, you will need to make a few notches on the paint and stick adhesive tape over the scratches. If, after removing the adhesive tape, there are no pieces of paint left on it, then removal is not required, you can paint over the old paint layer. But as a rule, it is better to remove a layer of the old coating.

Priming of metal structures

Priming is necessary to increase the adhesion of the metal and paint surfaces. After cleaning, the product is dried and then coated with a primer layer. The primer is applied only on a dry basis.

The choice of primer composition depends on the type of metal:

  • for ferrous alloys, we choose a primer with high anti-corrosion protection;
  • for non-ferrous metals, mixtures with increased adhesion are suitable.

Priming performs two important functions: it protects the metal from the aggressive action of the external environment and improves the adhesion of the base to the finish coat.

We select primers with various additives depending on the planned use of metal structures. There are flame-resisting mixtures with increased corrosion protection and other useful properties. It is recommended to choose a primer taking into account the characteristics of the metal product and the features of its operation.

Priming is carried out twice. After the first layer is applied, the structure is left until completely dry. After a day, the primer is applied again. Only after the second layer dries, you can paint the product.

Painting of metal structures

The main requirements for the paint-and-lacquer coating are: weather resistance, resistance to corrosion and temperature extremes, compatibility with the iron base. The application of the dye can be done in several ways:

  • dipping into the bath;
  • using a paint brush;
  • application of the roller;
  • spray gun (airless spray);
  • powder (polymer) spraying from an atomizer.

In plant conditions, we paint small trusses, spans and other parts using the dipping method. The part immersed in the bath is painted evenly, resulting in a high-quality protective and decorative layer. Minor disadvantage – installation can not be done using a welding machine. The enamel will be damaged by exposure to high temperatures, and the joints will not be protected from corrosion. The elements are assembled using hardware. The result is a strong, durable construction.

Spray gun application allows you to quickly paint large areas of metal structures and get a good result. But it is not suitable for all types of dyes.

We choose the painting technology according to the nature of the structure, its location and operational features. This approach allows us to provide high-quality and durable coating.

покраска металлоконструкций пульверизатором

Prices for painting of metal structures

The cost of painting metal structures is calculated individually. Pricing is affected by:

  • type of product (dimensions, configuration complexity);
  • general condition (presence of rust, greasy stains, the need to remove the old coating, the painting method used).

A price list with a description of the services of our company will allow you to find out the price per linear meter of painting a metal structures. The indicated cost may vary depending on how complex the surface configuration is, whether the paint layer will be the same for all areas.

It is difficult to calculate a linear meter for complex metal structures made of pipes, angles, and for openwork metal weaves. Here, the calculation is made per ton. The weight per square meter of the product is taken into account, considering the characteristics of the material, and then the total number of squares is calculated.

You can find out more about the cost of painting metal products by contacting our company. Our professional specialists will acquaint you with the prices for services, recommend the best method of painting and calculate the approximate cost of the work.

Painting services for metal structures

Our company offers clients from Kyiv city and all of Ukraine painting services for metal products of any complexity.

We have a plant in Brovary city (located on a site with an area of 7000 m2 and produces 450 tons of metal products every month). Cleaning of metal products is carried out at the plant in a sandblasting chamber. This treatment improves the quality of stripping and improves subsequent adhesion.

Before starting work, we draw up an estimate, which details all the stages, indicating  the services costs. After the agreement is approved, we begin processing, priming and painting. We work professionally and comply with all norms of work with paint-and-lacquer materials. After contacting us, your construction will have an attractive appearance and reliable protection against corrosion.

With us you can order both the painting of small products and the application of dye on high-rise buildings made of metal. Industrial climbers will professionally paint objects of any height and complexity.

We offer our customers convenient and profitable cooperation. In addition to painting, you can order the manufacture of various metal structures, as well as metal cutting and delivery of cargo to the construction site. We work without intermediaries, and the prices for our services are one of the lowest in Ukraine.

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