Manufacturing of non-standard metal structures

“Pulsar Construction” Company will implement any design and architectural solution in metal. With the help of innovative technologies, professional engineers will fulfill manufacturing of metal structures of non-standard shapes. It is impossible to automate such production, but the whole process is continuously monitored. Non-standard metal structures assembled at our plant are distinguished by high quality and originality.

изготовление нестандартных металлоконструкций под заказ

Non-standard metal structures

For the manufacture of various metal products, we use our own production facilities. Our plant with the area of 7000 sq. m is located in Brovary city and produces 450 tons of metal products per month.

The production of non-standard metal structures requires the use of modern technologies. The complex process includes several stages:

  • Development of drawings. Provide your own drawing or order design from our professional engineers. The service life and safety of the product depends on the correct solution.
  • Calculation of the cost of the necessary materials and the work of specialists. The price depends on the type of metal and the complexity of execution.
  • Coordination of budget and production dates. Our company guarantees strict control of time from signing the contract to installation of the product.
  • Full production cycle. Modern equipment and high professionalism of our staff allow us to create high-quality non-standard metal structures.
  • Organization and delivery to the installation site. At the request of the customer, we will deliver the product to the desired address.
  • Full installation of the facility and commissioning.

The production of non-standard metal structures requires the use of durable and high-quality alloys. At the final stage, a two-level metal cleaning is carried out in the sandblasting chamber.

For additional protection against corrosion, thermochemical protection by hot dip galvanizing is applied. At a temperature of +500°C, structural elements are covered with a layer of zinc carbonate, which prevents the destruction of steel parts.

We prime and coat all our metal structures with a layer of paint, which increases the service life in difficult conditions. For each element, welding seams, joints and metal stability, we perform tests, so the finished product is distinguished by:

  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • safeness;
  • attractive appearance;
  • exclusive and unique design.

Manufacturing of non-standard metal structures

Original metal objects are not only large-sized metal structures used in the construction of buildings. Non-standard products allow you to create architectural solutions inside buildings:

  • gates;
  • original railings;
  • stairs;
  • columns;
  • advertising structures – billboards, pylons, steles, shields.

Ordering our products is easy. Call the specified phone number or leave a request in a special form. Our consultants will agree on the nuances, help you choose the right metal type, provide a specialist in measurements and calculate the cost of the order. You contact us with an idea – we provide its implementation.

Manufacturing of non-standard metal structures

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