Manufacturing of building metal structures

The basis of most of the objects under construction is building metal structures. They are used in the construction of residential buildings, hangars, industrial buildings, greenhouses, advertising steles, supports for power lines and much more. The manufacturing of metal structures for construction allows obtaining strong, durable and at the same time lightweight elements of buildings for various purposes.

изготовление строительных металлоконструкций

Features and application of building metal structures

Construction metal structures are manufactured from high quality steel using modern equipment and technologies. This provides metal structures with a number of advantages:

  • durability (competently processed metal serves for decades);
  • strength;
  • a small mass, despite the increased strength and rigidity of the structure (it does not require a reinforced foundation to install it, or you can do without it at all);
  • low cost (the price of building metal structures is lower than for most building materials);
  • simple quick installation (you can do it yourself or invite specialists of our company);
  • mobility (if the metal structure is not installed on a permanent foundation, it can, if necessary, be disassembled, and then transported to any distance and mounted on a new site without the use of additional construction fixtures).

Metal structures are widely used in almost all types of modern construction. This is the load-bearing element of most buildings:

  • industrial facilities;
  • residential buildings;
  • public buildings (shopping malls, stadiums, etc.);
  • power line supports;
  • billboards and steles.

They are also used to create stairs, railings, fences and other auxiliary components that are necessary to ensure comfort and safety or for aesthetic design.

Production of building metal structures

If you need high-quality production of building steel structures, it is better to cooperate directly with the manufacturer. This will ensure:

  • Reducing the cost. If the supplier produces products on his own, then he does not have trade markups, and building materials will cost less.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Fast delivery of building materials.
  • Possibility of individual production. We manufacture components of metal structures according to drawings of the customer.

Our company has its own plant for the production of metal structures in Ukraine. It is located in the city of Brovary on the area of 7000 square meters and produces 450 tons of products per month. Our own production facilities allow us to fulfill the order quickly, efficiently and in the specified terms. We will not only produce the required metal structures, but with the help of sandblasting, priming and painting, we will additionally protect them from corrosion and other damage.

You can order in our company not only the manufacture of metal structures, but also the design of buildings for various purposes, as well as their construction. If necessary, we will carry out a turnkey project: from designing and completing the construction to commissioning the finished and equipped building to the customer.

You can apply for our services by calling or filling out the form on the website. We guarantee high quality of work and building materials at loyal prices. Cooperating with us, you will feel how convenient and profitable it is to work directly with a manufacturer of building materials and services.

Manufacturing of building metal structures

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