Manufacturing of welded metal structures

Welded structures are often used to connect metal elements in the construction of nondemountable buildings and metal structures. Welding allows you to get a strong and light pressure-tight seam on almost all types of metal structures. The beams connected in this way can withstand significant loads. Whereas the production of welded structures requires only the manufacture of metal structures, welding equipment and a design drawing.

Изготовление сварных металлоконструкций

Main advantages

Welded construction compared to mounting on metal screws has a number of advantages:

  • Metal saving. The seam is applied over the entire surface of the joint, and when using the screws, the parts are tightly superimposed on each other. When using the second method to comply with the proportions of the construction has to use more material. Welding allows saving up to 20%.
  • Lightening construction. There is less metal, which means lighter weight. This allows you to make a lightweight foundation for the object.
  • Reducing the cost of work. Welding equipment and consumables have a small price, and the use of welding speeds up installation. The technology is also suitable for the installation of I-beams.
  • Ensuring tightness. In the manufacture of pipelines, tanks and other objects used for the transportation and / or storage of gases and liquids, it is possible to achieve complete tightness of the connection by welding.

Welded structures can be manufactured at the construction site where the building is being erected or at the plant. The last variant allows to obtain large modular units – their installation on site will greatly speed up the construction.

Classification of welded metal structures

The classification of products created by welding is carried out according to several criteria. The main one is the method of obtaining blanks. It is possible to distinguish:

  • Sheet. Are applied to assembly of tanks, pipelines and bunkers.
  • Cast welded. Particularly durable, used in the automotive industry.
  • Forged-welded. The most commonly used technology. With its help, elements of building structures, fences, stairs, canopies and many other things are made.
  • Stamped. This includes blanks for creating spare parts (crankshafts, gears).

In addition, welded metal structures are classified according to their purpose. Allocate construction, road, fencing, for the creation of towers for power lines and communications, small (stamped).

Manufacturing technology

The production of welded structures begins with the design and drafting of a drawing, which indicates all the dimensions and nature of the load. Further production can be carried out serially or according to an individual project.

When ordering a large volume, mass production is launched using plant equipment:

  • professional welding machines;
  • galvanization;
  • cleaning with a sandblasting chamber;
  • additional protection (welded metal products are additionally primed and painted).

Serial production most often takes place on automated machines with digital control. This ensures high accuracy of workpieces for welding and speeds up the production process.

The creation of structures according to an individual project is distinguished by the fact that parts that are non-standard in size are used. It is often necessary to connect them to each other in blocks using manual welding.

Production of welded metal structures

It is better to entrust the manufacture of metal blanks, welding and subsequent processing of the product to professionals. Our company offers the production of welded metal structures of any complexity.

We have our own production – a powerful plant in Brovary city with the territory of 7000 m2, which produces 450 tons of products every month.

Our own production facilities allow us to fulfill any volume of orders for the manufacture of welded metal structures. Cooperating with us, you can expect additional cost savings. We work directly with clients, so you get welded metal structures at low prices.

To order our services, just call by phone or fill out an application on the site. We will fulfill any wish, we will make a welded structure, taking into account all the wishes and requirements.

Manufacturing of welded metal structures

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