Manufacturing of metal structures for advertising

Business promotion is impossible without advertising. The more people learn about your products and / or services, the higher the sales will be, and hence the profit, the further development of the enterprise. The best option is a billboard placed on the highway, on the square, public transport stop, on houses or viaducts. Our company offers the production of metal structures for various types of outdoor advertising. Here you can order standard or custom-designed billboards, steles and other advertising medium.

изготовление рекламных билбордов в Киеве

Metal advertising structures

Advertising metal structures can be of several types. Our company is engaged in the production of standard types of outdoor advertising:

  • Billboards. Metal structures standing separately. They have attached advertising sign.
  • Advertising stands. Metal advertising structures are installed on a concrete base with sheets of acrylic or plastic attached on the top of them. Often, different types of illumination are used to improve visibility at night.
  • Pylons. The metal structure is used as a pointer to the place of sale of goods or provision of services.
  • Advertising panel and road signs. Metal advertising structures have a large height and allow the driver to see an advertising offer or a sign for an exit where a certain services will be provided (cafe, hotel) from afar.

If you are not satisfied with standard solutions, then we will produce an advertising metal structure to order.

Manufacturing technology of metal structures

The main components of a metal advertising structure are a support and a frame for banner placement.

Producing of advertising metal structures begins with the development of a project. The specialists of our company specify the type and requirements for the advertising medium, the place of its installation. This information is necessary to determine the type of anti-corrosion protection, taking into account the features of the shape and the possible load on the structure.

For the manufacture of metal structures for advertising can be used: metal strips, pipes of round and square sections, angles, channel beams.

Installation of advertising structures is rarely carried out by welding. Cold working is usually applied, such as: cutting, bending, bolting.

Production technology of advertising metal structures

For the manufacture of the base, stainless steel or metal with anti-corrosion treatment is often used to prevent corrosion of an object located in open space.

We use different technological processes in the production of metal structures:

  • laser and plasma cutting;
  • rolled metal products;
  • turning and milling works;
  • welding.

During the production process, we create blank parts that can be quickly assembled and installed in the desired location. The advantage of this design is mobility. If necessary, the billboard can be easily dismantled and then reinstalled in another location.

Production of advertising metal constructions to order

Our company offers businesspersons of Kyiv city and other cities of Ukraine advertising constructions to the order. Our company has its own plant for the production of metal structures: in Brovary city, with an area of 7000 m2, which monthly produces 450 tons of metal products.

Manufacturing of metal structures for advertising

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