Manufacturing of industrial metal structures

Metal structures are used in almost all industrial facilities. The physicochemical and mechanical properties of the metal make it possible to create strong, durable and fancy structures. Manufacturing of industrial metal structures is carried out both based on standard solutions and as specific facilities with a complex configuration.

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The specialists of our company “Pulsar Construction” offer the manufacturing of metal structures , as well as services for a comprehensive solution of customer problems, taking into account the characteristics of the construction site and the facility as a whole. We own a plant, tooled up with advanced equipment and having highly skilled professionals. Production areas allow manufacturing industrial metal structures in full compliance with European technologies. The plant in Brovary city is located on 7000 sq. m and is capable of providing a monthly production of 450 tons.

The use of industrial metal structures allows us to reduce construction time, solve non-standard tasks, and ensure the safety and efficiency of the work process.

Industrial metal structures

The demand for metal constructions is constantly growing. This is due to the increase in the range, unification of the production process, economic feasibility and expands the scope of metal structures:

  • The building industry is the construction of buildings and structures for various purposes. Frameworks, profile trusses, columns, metal sheets of various sizes, tower and overhead cranes are used in it.
  • Road construction – the building of bridges and overpasses, the organization of transport hubs, containers for the delivery of raw materials, rails.
  • Energy supply – pillars for electrical networks and telecommunications.
  • Mining – derricks, cisterns and tanks.
  • Urban planning – the construction of fences, gratings, advertising and prefabricated objects.

Work with metal structures is carried out in several stages, depending on the classification and complexity of the structure, the height of the object. As a rule, metal structures are prefabricated, so the quality of the parts is important. The main technological operations are:

  • Welding – electric arc, gas, point.
  • Gluing with the use of adhesive compositions acting at the molecular level.
  • Assembly with bolts for light loads.
  • Riveting under anticipated vibrational loads.

Before assembly work, future elements of the part are processed on special machines. Grinding, bending and drilling operations, edge processing, docking work and other works are performed. The finished components are treated with polymer compounds and spray-painted.

Installation of industrial metal structures is carried out taking into account the requirements of the project, as usual, directly at the construction site.

Manufacturing of industrial steel structures

Our company provides a full working process for the development and manufacture of any kind of industrial metal structures with the provision of a set of drawings. The design of the product is carried out taking into account the exact purpose of the application and features of the construction facility. You can count on meticulous order fulfillment, monitoring of the production process, organization of delivery of prefabricated elements to the construction site, installation with subsequent testing and commissioning of the facility.

If you need to implement standard solutions or an exclusive project, please contact our company. At your service are specialists of various profiles, able to provide high-quality and long-term results at an affordable price.

Manufacturing of industrial metal structures

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