Manufacturing of large-sized metal structures

Our company performs the manufacturing of metal structures of any complexity. The company has established the production of large-sized metal structures for industry, construction of commercial and residential facilities. At our plant in the city of Brovary with a total area of 7 thousand sq. m, we produce more than 450 tons of metal structures monthly. Our plant is tool up with imported metalworking equipment to fulfill customer orders in any volume.

каркас склада из металлоконструкций

Application of large-sized metal structures

Large-sized metal product is a widely used building material. The technical characteristics of metal structures allow the construction of buildings and structures of various sizes and number of storeys. Due to the increased margin of safety of the constituent elements, buildings made of metal structures have maximum resistance to external influences and dynamic loads.

The construction of prefabricated buildings using metal fragments (columns, support posts, arches and trusses) allows constructing a building in a short time, regardless of weather and climatic conditions. The production of large-sized structures performs in stages:

  • designing an object according to the technical specifications of the customer;
  • preparation and approval of drawings, schemes of the future structure;
  • production of structures at the plant of our company;
  • mounting of metal structures directly at the construction site;
  • handover of the object and necessary documentation to the customer.

The use of metal structures allows the implementation of innovative architectural solutions. Each metal product is made from high-quality material of different steel grades – profile pipes, sheet steel, angles, channel beams, I-beams, depending on the type and technical features of the structure. Modern steel structures of large dimensions are used in the construction of objects of various functional directions:

  1. Lifting devices, columns, containers in the mining engineering, ore dressing industry.
  2. Metal structures for power engineering industry and metallurgical enterprises.
  3. Frame and modular products for the construction of commercial facilities, sports facilities.
  4. Large-sized structures for the construction of functional structures of the agricultural complex – hangars, warehouses, farms, elevators.
  5. Complex architectural forms for the implementation of commercial, municipal, residential construction projects.

We will manufacture stair flights, construction sites, antenna-mast structures, supports for power lines, metal frames of roofs and arches, fences of various heights according to the instructions of the customer. At each stage of production, we carry out strict quality control of large-sized products.

Such structures during operation undergo enormous loads, so they must fully comply with safety requirements. Our products are characterized by high strength, long service life, optimal parameters of resistance to external influences and internal loads arising during the operation of structures.

Production of large-sized metal structures

The company employs a team of professional engineers, which makes it possible to produce both standard large-sized structures and non-standard elements according to individual projects. A large-sized metal element has a low weight, which allows you to construct a building or structure on different types of foundations.

We use powder coating and other finishing methods to protect metal fragments from corrosion. Each workshop of the plant is equipped with modern equipment – hydraulic presses, sheet benders, gas, plasma, laser cutting of metal, press shears, cutting, turning, milling, drilling, sharpening machines. Well-stocked equipment lines allow organizing a full cycle of production of large-scale metal structures, which have undoubted advantages:

  • optimal safety margin;
  • resistance to mechanical loading;
  • structural rigidity of fragments;
  • reliable anti-corrosion protection;
  • long service life.

Cooperation with our company is profitable for you. Our company is the largest manufacturer of metal structures in Ukraine. Own production facilities, a large raw material base, a qualified staff, advanced equipment allow us to produce any volume of products at an affordable price. You can order a turnkey service from us – from engineering a project to mounting of large-scale structures. To make an order, leave a request on the website, and we will call you back to agree on the details of cooperation.

Manufacturing of large-sized metal structures

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