Manufacturing of metal containers

Barrels, tanks, reservoirs, cisterns – without these and other types of containers it is impossible to store and transport water, as well as food and non-food products. The manufacturing of metal containers is one of the important activities of our company. You can order from us reliable sealed containers for various liquids made of stainless steel, aluminum, steel and other types of metal.

изготовление металлических емкостей

Metal containers

We manufacture metal containers taking into account the nature of the liquid that will be stored or transported in them. Our company offers customers the following services:

  • Manufacturing of tanks for fuels and lubricants. The requirements for containers for fuels and lubricants are quite stringent. Fuel metal tanks must be durable, able to prevent the negative impact of liquids on the environment and ensure fire safety. For manufacturing we use sheet steel, less often – aluminum alloys.
  • Manufacture of containers for household purposes. This group includes various storage vessels for storing water in a private house (boilers, heating installations), canisters and other containers for liquids. The requirements depend on the nature of the liquids. A special canister is required to store refined petroleum products, but there are no special requirements for water tanks. They can be made of stainless steel, aluminum and other materials. There are two variants of water storage tanks: mounted and floor mounted. If you choose the first option, then during the manufacture it is necessary to take into account the way of installation of the container.
  • Production of tanks and containers for industrial purposes. Separators and settling tanks, ground and underground bunkers, tanks and other containers can be located vertically and horizontally. Some types of containers must store fluid medium under pressure.
  • Production of metal cisterns. This is the most common group of hermetically sealed containers used in everyday life and industry. They are used to accumulate and store liquids, as well as other products.

A distinctive feature of the cisterns is that the lid is not hermetic or it is not there at all. The pressure inside the cistern is equal to atmospheric. There are several types of cisterns:

  • For drinking water. At the bottom is a short pipe with a tap at the end.
  • For cooking stoves. They are used in canteens for cooking.
  • For garbage. Sturdy sealed boxes without lid.
  • For sauna stoves. They heat water and at the same time provide the necessary air humidification.

Cisterns are the most common tanks in everyday life and in production. You can order the production of any type of this container from us.

Manufacturing technology of metal containers

Production of metal containers to order includes assembly according to drawings and testing of the vessel at the production stand. The following is taken into account during the manufacturing:

  • type of vessel;
  • load (storage under high pressure or not);
  • tightness of the cover;
  • used material;
  • purpose.

These features we also take into account when testing the finished product. Therefore, you will receive a tank that meets all the requirements for the safe storage of liquid.

The production of metal containers consists of cutting a metal plate according to a drawing, giving it a round or rectangular shape and applying sealed welds.

Order the manufacture of metal containers

If you are in Kyiv city or another city of Ukraine and you need inexpensive metal tanks, please contact our company. We are well-known in the market for a long time – cooperating with us, you will receive high-quality containers at a favorable price. After all, buying directly from the manufacturer is always more profitable.

We have our own production – a powerful plant. It is located in the city of Brovary on an area of 7000 m2 and produces 450 tons of metal products every month.

Our plant has modern equipment and the latest technologies. We work only with trusted suppliers and guarantee the quality of the used metal.

Our own production facilities allow us to work without intermediaries. Cooperating with us, you get high-quality tanks for various purposes at the most affordable price. If necessary, we can deliver the finished product and mount it on supports or on the wall.

You can make an order by calling or leaving a request on the website of our company “Pulsar-Construction”. We will manufacture any types of metal containers according to a standard or individual project.

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