Manufacture of metal structures from profile pipe

Here you can order the production of metal structures from a profile pipe for the construction of buildings, structures, frames, prefabricated buildings for many industrial, commercial and residential sectors, and other purposes. The light specific weight of the material gives 10-20% savings of money spent on the construction of facilities. The structures have a minimal load on the foundation, so they can be installed on all types of foundations. In addition, the time required for the installation of structures is reduced.

Изготовление металлоконструкций из профильной трубы

Scope of application and advantages

Our company operates on the basis of the production capacity of its own plant located in Brovary city. The area of the enterprise is 7000 m2, and the productivity is 450 tons of steel structures per month. Therefore, we accept orders of any complexity and volume, strictly adhere to the deadlines and agreed estimates.

Metal structures from a profile pipe are widely used in industry and construction due to their good technical and operational characteristics and affordable price. A profiled metal product in the form of pipes can be used in a variety of scopes for the construction of:

  • mansards, outbuildings, sheds;
  • hangars, trusses, additional storeys;
  • buildings of various heights;
  • gates, columns, fences;
  • stairs;
  • garden houses, mini-bridges;
  • frames of warehouses and trade pavilions;
  • decorative architectural elements.

Frame construction and prefabricated buildings are new directions in the industry that has gained immense popularity. Products manufactured on our plant have many advantages:

  • the minimum specific weight of finished structures;
  • high durability and reliability of profile pipes;
  • ease of installation due to tight docking of fragments;
  • no deformation due to the presence of stiffening ribs;
  • resistance to mechanical loads and subsidence;
  • implementation of complex architectural solutions.

The use of metal structures makes it possible to build a hangar or a warehouse, an arched passage and other objects in a short time. Moreover, it is allowed to carry out work at any time of the year, regardless of climatic conditions and characteristics of the region.

Metal structures from a profile pipe

For the manufacture of structures, we use high-quality profiled pipes of rectangular and square sections, depending on the functional purpose of the product. The metal frame is the basis of many modern buildings and structures, roofing systems with large floor area. It is much easier and cheaper to build a truss or a shed from a lightweight, durable material with a long service life.

The price of our services depends on the complexity of the work, the scale of the project, and the amount of material used. We will calculate the cost of manufacturing metal structures for your facility according to the finished drawing or implement a turnkey order – from project preparation to installation of the finished metal structure. Cooperation with us gives such undeniable advantages:

  1. We have our own production facilities and perform a full work cycle.
  2. We use the best profile material and produce high-quality products.
  3. We use advanced processing technologies and realize any projects.
  4. Initially, we agree on the details of cooperation, including the cost.
  5. We maintain a staff of professional employees and perform turnkey work.

To order the manufacture of metal structures from profile pipe, please, leave an application on the website. We will call you back for more details, provide a preliminary cost estimate and answer your questions.

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