Manufacturing of light-gauge metal structures

Light weight, ability to withstand large static loads, ease of installation – this is how we can characterize light prefabricated metal structures. The popularity of light metal structures is due to the fact that light weight allows for quick construction on a lightweight foundation, so the manufacture of metal structures of this type makes it possible to create both standard and non-standard architectural constructions.

Buildings made of light-gauge metal structures

Light-gauge metal structures are used for the construction of buildings and structures of medium and light operating loads. Construction of light-gauge metal structures will be the best option if you need to build:

  • small residential building;
  • greenhouse;
  • hangar;
  • warehouse;
  • billboards and advertising boards;
  • trade pavilion;
  • exhibition complex;
  • office premises.

The installation of light metal structures is simple and carried out in a short time, and the variety of shapes and the ability to create non-standard elements will allow us to realize your wildest architectural dream.

Our company has its own production facilities, so we can create both standard light metal structures and complex products according to an individual project.

Production of light-gauge metal structures

Prefabricated metal structures compare favorably with other types of building materials (wood, concrete) by a number of characteristics:

  • long service life – metal coated with anti-corrosion protection is able to maintain its operational properties for decades;
  • environmental friendliness – the steel frame is harmless to humans and the environment;
  • fire safety;
  • reusability – if necessary, buildings made of light metal structures can be quickly disassembled and then installed in another place;
  • high resistance to mechanical loads;
  • seismic resistance;
  • fast installation.

Our plant manufactures light-gauge metal structures of various configurations. Production consists of several stages:

  • The first one starts with creating a project. During designing, we take into account the load on the bearing supports, the type of roof, the features of the operation of the building and draw up a detailed plan.
  • At the second stage, our technicians select materials for the metal structure, perform rust treatment in a sandblasting chamber, and apply anti-corrosion protection.
  • The third stage is the manufacturing of the frame elements in accordance with the drawings.

If necessary, the workers of our company carry out partial assembly at the plant. As a result, we deliver large prefabricated parts to the site. This technology allows us to build an object faster.

Manufacturing of light-gauge metal structures to order

Our company has its own plant, where we produce the light-gauge metal structures. It is located in Brovary city, on an area of 7000 m2 and produces 450 tons of various metal elements every month. We use only modern technologies, and qualified specialists supervise all the stages of production.

Our own production facilities allow us quickly produce prefabricated metal structures in the quantity you need.

Advantages of light-gauge metal structures made by us:

  • ease of manufacture;
  • high strength and reliability;
  • anti-corrosion protection (increases the durability of a metal structure);
  • loyal price (we have our own production, we sell goods without intermediaries).

You can place an order for production on our website. In the proposed application form, please specify your name, email address and contact phone number. You can also call the indicated numbers.

Manufacture of light metal structures

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