Metal enclosing structures

Metal enclosing structures are a kind of shell of an object that protects it from environmental conditions and separates the premises into zones. Their functions are protection from environmental influences, noise reduction, increased thermal insulation and space zoning. Our company offers different types of metal structures for fencing. We have our own plant for the production of metal products – we will fulfill any of your orders.

монтаж быстровозводимого здания из металлконструкций

Types of metal enclosing structures and their description

There are two main types of enclosing elements: external and internal.

External are necessary to protect the interior from the negative impact of the external environment, to reduce the level of penetration of external noise, to increase heat insulation. There are high requirements for external protection, such as:

  • strength;
  • durability;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • rigidity;
  • resistance to mechanical deformations.

Enclosing structures can be simple and complex by their structure.Simple ones are made of one type of material (metal). Complex – a combination of beams and various elements (not always metal). To create complex enclosing metal structures, the following can be used:

  • Corrugated board and sheet. Wall or roofing building material, more often used for the construction of unheated buildings. It is used in the construction of warehouses, hangars, roofing.
  • Sandwich panels. Multilayer sheets where there is a layer of heat and sound insulation between the two outdoor elements. The panels are attached to the ledger boards with the help of screws.
  • Acoustic panels. Installed where you need protection from noise (factory, street). Acoustic screens are often used in the construction of sound protection screens near railway tracks or busy track.
  • Translucent facades – construction of steel profile and double-glazed windows. The combination of durable glass and metal provides the necessary protection against noise and precipitation, gives the opportunity to get full natural lighting and a good view of the surroundings.

Typically, complex constructions have a compound structure. When creating them, several building materials with different properties are used.

Internal enclosing structures are walls and partitions necessary to divide a large internal space into separate rooms. These can be rooms in an apartment, a branch of an office in an industrial warehouse, partitions in offices.

Internal metal enclosing structures are used when it is necessary to divide the usable space into zones for work and / or recreation. There are less requirements for internal metal structures, because they are not influenced by negative external conditions. Good sound insulation and attractive appearance are required for internal structures.

Our company has its own production facilities. Our plant in Brovary city (the area of production is of 7000 m2 and the monthly output is 450 tons) will allow us to fulfill orders of any volume and complexity in a short time.

 We use in production only modern equipment, and our skilled engineers control all stages of the production process. After the manufacture of metal structures, we carry out anti-corrosion treatment.

Cooperating with our company, you will receive high-quality metal structures with corrosion protection and save cost. We have our own production, we work without intermediaries, so you can expect the most affordable prices.

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