Galvanized metal structures

Galvanization is an affordable and effective way to enhance anti-corrosion protection, increase the strength characteristics of the metal and give the product an attractive appearance. Galvanized metal structures are durable, have increased resistance to temperature fluctuations, are resistant to the action of most chemicals. Metal structures treated with zinc coating can be used in various fields: from the construction of metal barriers to the construction of the frame of various buildings.

Galvanized metal structures

горячее цинкование металлоконструкций

Zinc coating prolongs service life of metal, increases its strength and corrosion resistance. Therefore, galvanized steel structures are used in various areas of construction. Our company “Pulsar-Construction” offers a wide range of metal structures:

  • corrugated sheets;
  • road signs;
  • supports and poles;
  • products for the installation of various types of building structures;
  • hardware;
  • steel pipes (profile and round);
  • building steel structures;
  • ventilation grills, drain pipes, etc.

Galvanized metal structures are used in various types of construction – the assembly of power lines and lighting poles, the construction of houses, warehouses, hangars and even various fences. It is recommended to use galvanizing, even if the metal products will be inside the building. The price of such products is slightly higher, and zinc coating will significantly increase the strength and durability of the metal.

When installing metal products with a galvanized layer, remember that welding is not suitable for them. Exposure of high temperatures will destroy the galvanized coating and reduce the protection of the metal. To avoid this, other types of fasteners are used to connect elements of metal structures during the construction of a building frame or other metal structures. To ensure the durability of the connections, it is recommended to use galvanized hardware. Then the building will stand for several decades.

Galvanizing of metal structures

There are several methods of zinc coating of metal products.

Hot dip galvanizing 

After degreasing metal surfaces with alkaline solutions and subsequent fluxing, the products are immersed in a bath of molten zinc. Hot dip galvanizing is the substitution of metal particles of the outer layer with zinc molecules using a diffusion process.

Hot zinc treatment leads to the fact that in the process of galvanizing the metal “grows together” with the coating and becomes increased strength. This layer is durable. Even after several decades, metal structures with zinc coating will not only be reliably protected from corrosion, but will also retain an attractive appearance. Hot dip galvanizing can be carried out on almost all types of metal.

Cold galvanizing

Reliable technology, only slightly inferior to hot processing methods. Compositions with zinc are applied like paint using a spray gun. Advantages: you can make a coating on any metal structure, even if the metal frame has already been installed.

Cold galvanizing is widely used in construction and various industries. But adhesion with the cold method is small, so the cold spray method gives a less durable coating compared to hot treatment. This means that the zinc protection will last less and may be damaged by mechanical impact on the details of the object.

Galvanic zinc coating

Its cost is cheaper than hot-dip galvanizing in a bath. The protective and decorative layer, created with the help of electric current, is thin (5-40 microns). In addition, despite the preliminary cleaning and degreasing, the adhesion of zinc to the treated metal is not strong enough. Galvanic zinc coating is almost never used on an industrial scale, more often it is used for small products that need protection from the external environment and an attractive appearance.

The most effective treatment is the hot method – we use it at our plant. Diffusion substitution of steel molecules for zinc components leads to the fact that the product acquires increased strength and corrosion resistance, and additionally retains its attractive appearance for several decades. Our metal structure plant produces monthly from 450 tons of products. We produce the most popular elements for the construction of prefabricated metal objects.

It is easy to galvanize metal structures, the cost of the production process is low. As a result, the client receives durable, corrosion-free elements for assembling various structures. They are the best option for any type of construction.

Applying to our company “Pulsar-Construction”, customers in Kyiv city and other cities of Ukraine get the opportunity to quickly receive standard and non-standard galvanized metal structures. Our plant is located in Brovary city on the territory of 7000 m2 and has a monthly production capacity of 450 tons of metal products.

All production processes are carried out on high-tech equipment. At each stage, constant control by qualified employees is carried out. This gives our company the opportunity to achieve high quality products and ensure its competitiveness in the market.

Such production capacities allow us to fulfill even a large order in a short time. We provide services for the manufacture of galvanized metal structures of any complexity. You will like our prices: we produce and galvanize metal structures ourselves and work without intermediaries. Here you can inexpensively order galvanized metal products that will allow you to build a strong and durable object. It will look stylish and does not require additional painting.

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