Metal structures for advertising

Our company is engaged in the production of metal structures from raw materials. You can order advertising metal structures of various sizes and types of execution from us at an affordable price. The production facilities of the enterprise are concentrated in Brovary city at a plant with a total area of 7,000 m2 and with a monthly capacity of 450 tons of metal structures.

The office of our company “Pulsar Construction” is located in Kyiv city, here you can order the production of information media for outdoor advertising. This option of attracting the attention of potential customers is cheap and effective for service customers. Forming a corporate identity and recognizable brand with the help of visual advertising tools is a big step towards the success of your business.

Types of advertising metal structures

Manufacturing of metal structures for advertising must be trusted professionals, because the work has a certain specificity. Competent designer and engineer of our plant participate in all stages of the project. We will develop different types and forms of advertising media, perform the installation of structures at different heights and in any place.

The main outdoor advertising media are:

  • billboards;
  • information pylons;
  • advertising steles;
  • advertising panels and road signs.

The elements differ in their design features, dimensions, quantity and type of material used, anti-corrosion treatment, and installation method.

Structural development starts with design. At this stage, we coordinate the details of the product with the customer, taking into account the purpose and location of the metal structure, and clarify preferences for the design of the advertising structure. The remaining stages of production are carried out at our own plant and we hand over the finished and assembled object to the client.


The most common variant of the information medium is the billboard. The dimensions of the metal billboard range from 1-2 to 30 m. Such outdoor advertising means are made of galvanized metal sheet, fixed to the frame of the profile pipe, and metal support. Billboards are installed along city roads, suburban highways, near petrol stations.

Information pylons

Information pylons are one- or two-sided metal structures of small size, made in the form of a rectangular box. They are made from a metal frame and an aluminum profile. Decorative design elements of the product are plexiglass and lighting. Pointers are mainly installed near offices, shops, shopping and entertainment centers, etc.

Advertising steles

Large-sized vertical steel structures sheathed with aluminum panels, acrylic or plastic sheets. The dimensions of the stele vary depending on the purpose of the outdoor advertising medium. For example, a structure for a gas station can reach 10 m or more, while a stele located in a city park will have a smaller size. The metal product is installed on a concrete foundation.

Advertising panels and road signs

Advertising metal structures of this type serve as information signs. They are free-standing structures mounted on steel supports. Their frame is sheathed with sheets of galvanized steel.

Each manufactured stand is characterized by high resistance to corrosion, mechanical damage, moisture, high and low temperatures and ultraviolet. To do this, advertising media is subjected to powder coating and other types of protective processing.

Manufacturing of advertising metal structures

монтаж рекламного билборда из металлоконструкций

According to technical features, metal structures for advertising are products made of a supporting frame with information products mounted on it and a solid metal support. In addition, they are equipped with diode lamps for highlighting advertising at dusk.

Steel is used to make these products. The characteristics of the material best meet the requirements of strength, rigidity, resistance to extreme weather conditions and mechanical deformation. Pipes, corners, channels and other auxiliary elements are used to make the structure of the desired shape.

The finished structure made of metal is securely fixed on the support, which eliminates the fall of the advertising shield under the influence of strong wind and own weight. When ordering advertisements from us, you get:

  • prompt execution of the order;
  • attractive price for the service;
  • turnkey project implementation;
  • high quality finished product;
  • durable and reusable structure.

To order the production of outdoor advertising, leave a request on the site. We will call you back, discuss the details, make an appointment. After agreeing on the project, we will immediately begin to fulfill the order.


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